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‘Jeopardy!’ to Feature Throwback Video Clues with Alex Trebek and Sesame Street’s Elmo

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Fans might not agree about the new host picks for “Jeopardy,” but they can all rejoice in the fact that they don’t have to say goodbye to Alex Trebek just yet. The official Instagram for “Jeopardy” has confirmed both Alex Trebek and Sesame Street’s Elmo will star in throwback video clues soon.

Remembering Alex Trebek’s Time as ‘Jeopardy!’ Host

Since losing his battle to pancreatic cancer at the age of 80, fans of Alex Trebek continue to remember him. It’s not a surprise that the official “Jeopardy” Instagram page is filled with comments about his time as host. In their most recent post, “Jeopardy” revealed that fans would be seeing more of Alex Trebek in the form of throwback video clues. The series of photos show Alex Trebek smiling next to Sesame Street’s Elmo.

Alex Trebek’s Best Cameos

Trebek’s career in entertainment was a long and impressive one. Long before hosting the popular gameshow, “Jeopardy!,” Trebek appeared in a number of projects and TV shows. Entertainment Weekly chronicles his best guest appearances starting with Cheers, The Golden Girls, and Baywatch.

After that, Trebek went on to make appearances in Beverly Hills, 90210 and White Men Can’t Jump before also appearing on Arthur, Rugrats, and The X-Files. More recently, Trebek made several appearances in The Simpsons and even appeared on Orange is the New Black.

If that isn’t enough Alex Trebek, fans can also catch him on Saturday Night Live. His last posthumous cameo can be seen in the new Ryan Reynolds’ flick, which Outsider has previously reported on.

Alex Trebek’s Legacy

CNN reflects on Trebek’s philanthropy over the years. After his pancreatic cancer diagnosis, Trebek joined the movement to offer support to other cancer patients, families, and survivors. He joined the PurpleStride Los Angeles walk as a participant and speaker through the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network (PanCAN). With his wife, Jean, he also helped form the Trebek Family Foundation in 2011. He invested both his time and money into moderating the National Geographic Bee for 25 years while also investing in The Royal Canadian Geographic Society. In addition, Trebek used his foundation to support the American Film Institution.

A rather sweet story comes from his love of musk ox. When Trebek learned that his favorite animal was nearing extinction, he connected with the Musk Ox Development Corporation, visiting the farm and becoming one of their biggest donors.

Alex Trebek leaves behind a great legacy of kindness, curiosity, and the pursuit of knowledge.