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‘Jeopardy!’ Jokingly Calls Out Casino That Uses Show’s Category Font in New Photo

(Photo by Jeopardy Productions via Getty Images)

Arguably the most famous Jeopardy! contestant often takes his wit to another place. Ken Jennings has been lighting Twitter on fire for a while now. The legendary game show player seemingly always provides some incredible can’t miss content.

In one of his latest contributions to the social media site, he offered up a joke for the die-hard game show fans. For some who watch the show, you’ll know that the lettering on the board is distinct. Not many other companies use the unique font.

Well, Ken Jennings knows exactly what the font is called and will recognize it anywhere. He was at a casino when he noticed the unique lettering on the storefront.

So, of course, the game show legend made a joke about it for his Twitter followers. He joked that “You can’t use ITC Korinna as your sign font and not have me see it as a Jeopardy! board.”

One Twitter user commented on Ken Jennings’ post. “I think @James_Holzhauer might have the advantage with those categories.” Perhaps this Twitter user is onto something with this thought, considering Holzhauer’s established betting career.

But, the legendary Jeopardy! player had a hilarious response to him. “I’m much older than James, as he often points out, and would destroy him at Shuffleboard. Hope the Daily Double is there!”

This is certainly not the first time that Jennings has provided his fans with excellent social commentary. He has made hilarious comments about the iconic game show. Jennings has also talked about alien invasions, day-to-day life, and has even made incredible comments about Star Wars and baby Yoda.

The Legendary “Jeopardy!” Champion Really Likes to Make Dad Jokes

Ken Jennings likes chicken nuggets and is very comfortable sharing that kind of information. Additionally, he has a specific kind of chicken nuggets he likes best.

However, above all other things, he is a dad. In a hilarious tweet, he makes it explicitly clear that he is a dad through and through. As with most things Jennings is a part of on the social media platform, it is undoubtedly funny.

This peek into the home life of the Jeopardy! champion is a classic. It is reminiscent of what Twitter was like back in its early days when people got little snippets of information.

“For 15 minutes every day, the whole house smells like my daughter’s microwaved soy chicken nuggets. Blessed to be a #dad,” the iconic game show contestant tweeted.

It is definitely a plus that he enjoys the smell of soy chicken nuggets being cooked. That smell might not be for everyone, but as a dad, the Jeopardy! legend enjoys it.