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‘Jeopardy!’ Legend Ken Jennings Nails Hilarious Reference to Iconic ‘Happy Days’ Phrase

(Photo by Gary Gershoff/Getty Images)

It has been a while since Ken Jennings was guest hosting for Jeopardy! But that hasn’t stopped him from being incredibly entertaining this year.

The man took the game show by storm with an incredible run is a social media must-follow. He constantly is bringing something new, interesting, and funny to the table. His comedic wit is relatively unparalleled, even compared to all the other stars on social media.

So, on Friday afternoon, May 7, he shared some comedic gold with his followers. In response to comedian Michael Ian Black, who said, “Important update: I went back and had a 3rd slice!” The Jeopardy! legend made an excellent reference to Happy Days.

Jennings wrote, “You’ve ‘jumped the shark.'” This is a clear reference to when the Fonz was water skiing behind a boat being driven by Richie Cunningham. During this Happy Day episode, there is a shark in the water encircled by a yellow boundary. But, Fonzie is going to jump over it in a truly daring fashion. Everyone on the beach is glued to the spectacle, watching eagerly to see what would happen.

In the end, the man in the patented leather jacket had a successful jump. More importantly, though, “Jump the shark” became an expression that an entire generation would use as its calling card.

Ken Jennings Has Been Hilarious Away From the ‘Jeopardy!’ Spotlight

Ken Jennings became an overnight sensation when he became the highest-winning Jeopardy! contestant. He kept adding to the legend by making his streak become the longest in the game show’s history.

Then, he made history again by becoming the first person since Alex Trebek to host the show. He did a wonderful job, and many people surrounding the game show feel that he should be the next permanent host. His knowledge of the show goes without saying. But, his wit and communication style sets him apart from everyone else.

In particular, his Twitter feeds are outstanding. Hardly a day goes by without the legendary Jeopardy! player saying something amazing. His one-liners and anecdotes are nothing short of amazing.

If there is one thing that he lacks, though, it is that he is not a southerner. In a recent tweet, Jennings showed his lack of knowledge about southern customs. In the tweet, he referenced Stuckey’s – an iconic gas station that has become an iconic place in the South.

The store is a one-stop location for gas, groceries, and anything else you could need. The chain carries just about everything. Unfortunately, there aren’t many left that are still in operation.

Nonetheless, Jennings’ latest joke missed the mark just a little bit. That being said, though, this joke certainly landed for the generations of people that grew up with Stuckey’s.

The Jeopardy! legend said, “I want to take a road trip through the South so I can try out this amazing joke I just thought of: ‘That’s a Stuckey’s, if I’m reading the teal eaves correctly.'”