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Jimmy Buffett References ‘Oldest Surfer on the Beach’ Alongside Wave-Riding Photo

(Photo by Daniel Knighton/WireImage)

Catch a glimpse of the one and only Jimmy Buffett ridin’ a “big old roller” himself as the icon surfs the ocean blue at 74 years of age.

If you’re here, chances are you’re familiar with Songs From St. Somewhere. The album came in as the 28th studio album from American icon Jimmy Buffett. And as any Parrothead knows, Buffet’s appeal hasn’t faded one bit. The legend is still topping charts today, and this 2013 effort, 28 albums in, hit at #4 on Billboard’s 200.

One of the best songs on the album, too, is Mark Knopfler’s “Oldest Surfer on the Beach”. Knopfler plays guitar for the track, but Buffet’s age’d voice lends the perfect beachside gravitas his lyrics require:

The sun’s dropping out of his picture,
Soon be time to move,
It hasn’t been a real big day,
But I don’t have a thing to prove,
I’ve still got the old ghost rider,
I still surf old style,
I’ll go out beyond the breakers,
Sit alone and rest a while

There’s nothing that I want to do,
No place I’m trying to reach,
Only time is now more precious to
The oldest surfer on the beach

I stopped searching for perfection,
Many waves ago,
What really matters is here and now,
That’s about all I know,
Gonna catch me a big ‘ole roller,
Sun settin’ on the sea,
Ride it in on her glass shoulder,
The water cold and grey like me

The oldest surfer on the beach

Lyrics by Mark Knopfler

Jimmy Buffett, 74, Still Surfs With the Pros

And if there’s any out there who still doubt Buffet’s authenticity when singing lyrics such as these, look no further than his latest tweet. Today, we’re treated to a glimpse of the one and only Jimmy Buffet catchin’ a “big old roller” himself as the icon surfs the ocean blue.

In tandem with the action shot, Buffet references the (emboldened above) second verse of “Oldest Surfer”.

Having seen Jimmy Buffet in action, give “Oldest Surfer on the Beach” another listen. The lyrics, while coming from Knopfler, are so in-tune with Buffett that it resonates with any soul feeling the stretchmarks of time. And, well, aren’t we all after 2020?

There’s something about knowing this national treasure of a man is still out catching waves at 74 years of age that both gleams a smile from fans – but also lends incredible power to the poignant lyrics of “Oldest Surfer”. Sure, St. Somewhere may not be his finest album ever, but on the merits of this photo alone, this song in particular reaches new heights.

And when better to celebrate the man than his birthday? Buffet’s surfing trip comes just days after his birthday on Christmas Day. The legend just turned 74 on December 25th, 2020, after all.

“Jimmy Buffett’s rendition of Oldest Surfer on the Beach by Mark Knopfler. All credit goes to Buffett and Knopfler.”