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Joe Rogan Describes Kid Rock’s Massive 27,000 Foot Nashville Mansion

(Photo by Gary Miller/Getty Images)

During a recent episode of Joe Rogan‘s popular podcast, he shared details about musician Kid Rock‘s enormous 27,000 square-foot Nashville mansion.

“The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast” welcomed comedian Theo Von earlier this month for JRE episode #1731. Von is good friends with Rogan from their days doing stand-up at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles. He joined the podcast to chat with Rogan and promote his new Netflix stand-up special, Regular People.

At one point in the pair’s conversation, their mutual friend Kid Rock came up. While Rogan recently moved to Austin, Texas, Von also recently left L.A. for Nashville, Tennessee. That’s what got the two comedians talking about the musician and his enormous home. Rogan even said he visited one time while in the area and shares the story of hanging out with him at his mansion.

Kid Rock heard Rogan was going to be in town and invited him over. The UFC commentator took him up on the offer and brought a few friends as well. The following story of Rock’s mansion is hysterical to hear Rogan describe.

It should be no surprise that the “All Summer Long” singer’s entire mansion is set up specifically to party. That’s why there’s only two bedrooms in the home to utilize most of the 27,000 square foot mansion as party space, Rogan says. Oh yeah, and there’s a 20-person hot tub, a walk-in shower covered in gold, an old church that Kid Rock uses as a horse stable, and the house looks similar to the White House.

“It’s 27,000 square feet… two bedrooms, and not even crazy big bedrooms. Just regular bedrooms. The rest of the house is party,” Rogan hilariously explained. “It is the most wild, rockstar, hillbilly type s–t… it’s when you give a hillbilly, when you give a real redneck, and you give them f—in’ insane amounts of money, they build something like this.”


Kid Rock Criticizes Cancel Culture in New Song ‘Don’t Tell Me How to Live’

In other recent Kid Rock news, the singer just released a new song, and it has garnered quite the reaction since it came out. With a song title like “Don’t Tell Me How to Live,” it’s already pretty clear that the musician is speaking his mind and doesn’t care who disagrees.

Previously, Kid Rock has been outspoken about some of his beliefs, but this is arguably his most in-your-face track yet. In the lyrics, he shares his opinion about the state of our country, and is unapologetic about his views.

So what the f—s up with all the backlash? // You snowflakes, here’s a news flash!

And, these minions and their agendas // Every opinion has a millennial offended // But this amendment one, it rings true // And if you don’t dissent, b—-, then see number two.

Like we said, Kid Rock isn’t mincing words here, so there’s no confusion about his opinions. He also released a new music video for the song, which you can check out below.