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John Wayne Estate Drops Epic Photo of the Duke With a Motivational Message That We All Need to Hear

(Photo by Sunset Boulevard/Getty Images)

The Duke’s estate has a strong quote embodying “John Wayne values” from the man himself, asking “Do you have work ethic like the Duke?”

As one fan says in reply Sunday, “There are few who do…” But that should never stop us John Wayne fans from aspiring to match his work ethic! His official estate is hoping to help do so as they share a great shot of the hard-working Duke from the set of his 1968 war film, The Green Berets. The quote?

“You can’t whine and bellyache because somebody else got a good break and you didn’t.”

“Duke became one of the famous actors in the world through lots of hard work,” his estate continues in their Sunday Instagram caption. “He started as a prop boy and appeared in over 200 films 💪🏼Do you have work ethic like the Duke?”

While he did not serve himself, John Wayne was the ultimate patriot to many. His illustrious Hollywood career holds a legacy almost as heavy with wartime films as it is Westerns.

His own questionable history with the WWII draft aside, Wayne aimed to “do his part” for America through film. During the Vietnam War, The Duke wanted to make a film about the much-maligned war, as Hollywood at large was opposed to doing so. John Wayne changed all of that himself with The Green Berets.

With this single epic, he produced what would become the only major film during the Vietnam era to come out in support of the war. Whether that was a move history will remember kindly or not, ‘Berets would absolutely change Wayne’s life.

John Wayne’s Work Ethic: ‘The Green Berets’

For The Green Berets, The Duke would take on directing for one of the only two times he did so. The first was his classic, The Alamo, in 1960.

The hard-working Wayne would also star in the picture as Col. Mike Kirby, as well. And fascinatingly, if you see a photo of John Wayne from his later years, you’ll see a simple, golden brass bracelet on his right wrist. Wayne wore the accent wherever he went.

Whether for The Oscars or filming any of his last films, The Duke would not be parted from it. And The Green Berets is directly responsible for how he came across such an incredible piece of history.

While filming during the summer of 1967, John Wayne got to know the indigenous Montagnard people of Vietnam’s Central Highlands. Also known as the Degar, the native group became legendary for their fierce fight against communism. Sharing this in common, Wayne became an honorary member of their peoples.

For far more on this incredible chapter in John Wayne’s life, we’ve got you covered. Don’t forget to get out there and work like The Duke today and every day!