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John Wayne Gives Ultimate Cowboy Cool Vibes in Pic Posted by His Estate With Epic Caption

Photo credit: Silver Screen Collection/Getty Images

It is almost an impossible task to find someone who embodies being a cowboy better than John Wayne. The man represented Western culture for the better part of four decades.

He was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood in the twentieth century. Over the course of his career, he was in near 250 movies, according to IMDb. Additionally, 162 of those movies were westerns. Even though some of the movies are hardly known, others fall into the category of best movies ever made.

John Wayne was not just a Western actor, but, for the most part, his personality off-camera was much the same. The Duke was a co-owner of a ranch in Arizona. The ranch was known as the 26 Bar Ranch.

On the ranch, he helped work the cattle, as well as other animals. In addition, the ranch was used as a location for some of his most famous films. Some of the ranch was used for Stagecoach and Red River. Both of those films did exceedingly well for him.

However, there was another film that the Duke made during his career. It had all of the makings of an excellent Western. The case can certainly be made for it to be considered among the best movies that he was a part of.

In the 1953 movie Hondo, John Wayne plays Hondo Lane, who is an army dispatch rider. During the movie, he discovered a woman and her son living in the warpath of Apaches. Consequently, he takes it upon himself to protect them.

Arguably his most famous line from the movie sums up his character almost perfectly. He said, “‘A man oughta do what he thinks is best.'”

The John Wayne estate shared a picture of him from the movie. It’s safe to say that he looks as good as he ever did in the picture.

John Wayne Had a Beautiful Ranch in Arizona That He Loved

Of course, even a tough as steel man like John Wayne couldn’t run a ranch by himself. The Duke was smart enough to get help in the day-to-day of his beautiful 26 Bar Ranch. For one, he turned to experience rancher Louis Johnson to help teach him about the ranching lifestyle.

The two men soon became good friends while working together. In fact, Johnson brought out the gambling side of Wayne. For instance, the two often made high-stakes bets involving each other’s vehicles. Wayne also acquired the help of Temple Grandin as well.

Wayne hired Grandin because of her technical expertise and sought her advice on new technology within the industry. Even when he wasn’t filming, Wayne was an avid outsider.