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Kelly Clarkson Appeared as a Guest on Her Own Talk Show From Quarantine

(Photo by James Devaney/GC Images)

While she might be Kelly Brianne soon enough, Kelly Clarkson still has her own show by the same name she has performed under for years.

However, lately, Clarkson has been in quarantine with her kids. That means she can’t host her own show. And, it means she isn’t bothering to put on her makeup or get her hair done before appearing as a guest on her own show. Who could blame her? If I get a small cold I try not to move for at least three days. At that point, it’s about survival, not how you look.

Jokes aside, Kelly Clarkson isn’t afraid to appear fresh-faced and in her lounging attire. She might have some of the most extravagant outfits on The Voice but she was very modest here. She had Taraji P. Henson hosting the show in her place. Henson brought on the usual host and they talked about what the singer was going through at home with her kids. No one likes to be shut up all day, but it could be worse.

“Sometimes women don’t rise,” Clarkson joked. “Sometimes we fall. I thought we were done with quarantining, and I’m so tired. I broke a nail. I’m so broken. This is me broken. My almond milk just expired. America, this is what I look like. You’re welcome.”

The good news is that Clarkson has not tested positive for COVID herself. “I’m not even sick,” she continued. “It’s so weird. Anyway, we’re keeping it safe, and that’s it.”

Right now, Kelly Clarkson has a lot going on. Hopefully, she is feeling healthy and is back to doing her usual hosting duties soon. After all, you can’t have The Kelly Clarkson Show without the woman herself.

Kelly Clarkson Covers Brooks & Dunn Classic

When Kelly Clarkson is on her show, she usually has a Kellyoke segment. That is a mashup of Kelly and karaoke for those trying to keep up at home. It is a segment where she performs some of her favorite songs from different artists. She might go rock, country, or pop. You never know, really. Her most recent performance, before having to quarantine, was a Brook & Dunn classic.

Now, there is only one way to dance when you hear some B&D. You’re gonna wanna boot scoot, of course. That’s right, Clarkson got back to her country roots and rocked out with Boot Scootin’ Boogie. This is a karaoke classic as well, and that made it perfect for this segment.

It really is amazing how versatile she is as a vocalist. Kelly Clarkson can take any song from your fave and make it her own. She knows it too. It’s probably what makes Clarkson such a great coach on The Voice and such a beloved artist, period.