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Kelly Clarkson’s Montana Ranch Looks Like a Scene From ‘Yellowstone’

Photo by: Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal

Fans of “Yellowstone” are beyond familiar with the Dutton ranch. John Dutton and Beth Dutton, alongside their family, are dealing with the drama that comes with owning the largest ranch.

The ranch is a prominent backdrop of the show with sweeping mountains in the background, an excellent setting as characters gallop their way through this western series.

Kelly Clarkson Montana Ranch

For Kelly Clarkson, while she is certainly not a character on “Yellowstone,” she is an award-winning musician. With that, she owns a ranch that is quite comparable to the epic Dutton ranch.

Her ranch is located somewhere in Montana. It is called Vintage Valley.

In a clip from “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” she gives fans a look at her huge family ranch. Similar to “Yellowstone,” one of the first clips is a man in a cowboy hat riding a horse in huge, expansive land. The background is tall, snowy mountains. It’s just all too familiar.

She originally lived in the ranch with her now ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, and their kids. However, she filed for divorce in June.

The two spent quarantine together for months at the ranch.

“I just love the sound of just nature and not cars and people all on top of each other,” she said in her video.

She said in the video that it was also something both of them dreamed about since they were kids. It was really somewhere they both considered “home.”

‘Yellowstone’ Ranch

While Kelly Clarkson’s ranch in Montana looks a lot like the one in “Yellowstone,” the odds of her letting you stay in it are so extremely low.

However, the ranch from “Yellowstone” has allowed guests to stay in the past and are intending on doing so again. According to Wide Open Country, the ranch in Darby, Montana is booked at the moment. However, the owners will be welcoming more guests in the spring of this year.

It is a real 5,000 square-foot log mansion.

The show is based in Montana, however not all the filming happens here. Parts of the show are in Wyoming and Utah.

The experience to stay at the ranch where all the Dutton drama goes down is very real. However, those are tickets that will likely sell very fast. “Yellowstone” has quickly become one of the most popular shows on network television, and everyone is eager to live like a Dutton.