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Kevin Costner on Starring, Directing in New Western ‘Horizon’: ‘Been a Long Time Coming’

Photo by: Paul Morigi/WireImage

Slowly coming into the picture, appearing on the “Horizon,” is Kevin Costner’s longtime passion project.

The “Yellowstone” actor just announced yesterday that he would be setting a late summer start to his period Western film “Horizon.” For fans of the iconic Western actor, this is sure to be a worthwhile occasion. This film will mark his first time getting to work behind the camera since his 2003 movie “Open Range.”

Costner will be putting on all the hats to make this project happen. He will star in, produce, direct, and even finance the movie. The financial aspects of it all will go through his Territory Pictures production company.

“Horizon” will officially begin production on August 29 in Utah. This means that casting for the movie should begin sometime in February. For Costner, this movie has been a passion project that he has waited a long time to start. He recently tweeted about the good news. He wrote, “Couldn’t be more excited to share this project with the world. It’s been a long time coming. #Horizon.”

The Story of ‘Horizon’

Over the past few years, we’ve gotten to see a lot of Costner in front of the screen. Now, it’s time for him to make his reappearance behind the screen. We’ve seen him recently on “Yellowstone,” “Let Him Go,” “The Art of Racing in the Rain,” and “The Highwaymen.” As for directing, no project will likely ever live up to his 1990 masterpiece, “Dancing With Wolves.”

The classic film swept away the rest of the competition that year at the Oscars. It won Best Picture and Best Director, as well as seven other awards. Clearly, Costner knows what he’s doing and can switch between an acting role and a wider-scale directing or producing role.

“Horizon” will tell the story of the expansion of the American West both before and after the Civil War.

“America’s expansion into the west was one that was fraught with peril and intrigue from the natural elements, to the interactions with the indigenous peoples who lived on the land, and the determination and at many times ruthlessness of those who sought to settle it. Horizon tells the story of that journey in an honest and forthcoming way, highlighting the points of view and consequences of the character’s life and death decisions,” Costner told Deadline regarding the project.

Kevin Costner Talks About Directing

Although it’s been about 20 years since he has directed, Costner still knows how to call the shots. Even when he’s acting, the “Yellowstone” actor has said he’s always aware of what the director is doing.

During an interview with Screenrant close to when “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” was coming out in 2013, Kevin Costner talked about his hot take on directing himself.

“As a director. As an actor you have to throw yourself on. Somebody goes, ‘I’ve got it,’ so if it was two takes then, or three takes then and they want to move on, it doesn’t I think that we’ve got it. I have to trust them, or I fight for one more. When I’m directing, I’m calling the shots. I have a tendency to short-change myself. I don’t short-change other actors, but I have a tendency, when I’m directing myself to go, ‘okay, I got it,'” Costner said.