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Kevin Costner’s Upcoming TV Pilot ‘National Parks’: What to Know

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ABC is launching a new pilot with Kevin Costner as its organizer The star of Yellowstone is heading back for another outdoors drama called National Parks.

The one hour drama is being written by Aaron Helbing and Jon Baird. Additionally, the pilot is coming from Kevin Costner’s Territory Pictures Entertainment as well as 20th Television and A+E Studios.

While this is just the announcement of the pilot episode, it marks the latest drama for ABC. The show is rolling into the second stage of development after a medical drama, Triage, did the same.

National Parks, before rolling into the second cycle of development, was known as ISB. Kevin Costner is putting together the show that will follow a group of elite park service agents. The park rangers will solve crimes to protect the parks. Additionally, the show will dissect the wide variety of criminal activity that happens in the gorgeous landscape of the national park system.

Kevin Costner’s Pilot “National Parks” Will Be Must-See TV

Kevin Costner, Helbing, and Baird co-wrote The Explorers Guide novel. Helbing is also acting as the showrunner. These three are writing the pilot and will also be the executive producers for ABC.

Rod Lake, Ivan Cohen, and Ken Halsband will be the executive producers via Territory Pictures. And finally, Barry Jossen and Tana Jamieson are the executive producers for A+E Studios.

Anthony Hemingway, who was the director for Underground and Power, will direct the pilot. He is also going to be one of the executive producers.

This marks Kevin Costner’s second major television show series in the last couple of years. His other show, Yellowstone, is heading into its fourth season this summer. He stars and is one of the executive producers for that show as well.

Kevin Costner talks about the partnership he has with the contributing networks.

“Our partners at ABC, 20th Television, and A+E Studios have given me a great environment to step out of my comfort zone and deliver something special.”

This is exciting news for fans of Yellowstone, as Costner is a fan favorite and will certainly drum up interest in the show.