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Kid Rock Cancels Concerts at Billy Bob’s Texas Due to ‘Unforeseen Circumstances’

(Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)

If you were planning on going to see Kid Rock in concert this weekend, your plans have changed. According to the “Only God Knows Why” singer’s Twitter account, his concerts at Billy Bob’s have been canceled.

“Apologies but due to unforeseen circumstances, this weekend at Billy Bob’s is canceled. More info to follow,” Kid Rock posted during the early afternoon of Thursday, Aug. 26.

Exactly what unforeseen circumstances prompted the 50-year-old rocker to cancel the concerts at Billy Bob’s is not known at this time.

According to his website, Kid Rock was slated to perform at Billy Bob’s Texas on Friday, Aug. 27, and Saturday, Aug. 28. He had played at the Fort Worth, Texas, venue the prior weekend (Aug. 20 and Aug. 21).

Fans React to Rocker’s Canceled Concert News

It should come as no surprise that fans of the “Cowboy” singer were very curious as to why this weekend’s concerts were canceled. And, many of the fans shared their well-wishes with the rock star.

“You and TBT will be missed. I sincerely pray that you are all okay. Hope to catch you at another venue. Your other shows I saw were … amazing!! Lots of love to Kid Rock and the TBT band,” user @susannesgto1970 posted.

“JUST BOW YOUR HEAD AND PLOW RIGHT THROUGH! We will be here when you come back. God Bless you,” @starshine601 also shared.

“Sorry to hear that. Hope you are well,” @gittemitchell also commented.

Kid Rock does not have another concert scheduled for a few weeks. The next one on his calendar is the OC Bikefest at Ocean City Inlet. This event is set for Sept. 18 in Ocean City, Maryland. He also has dates scheduled in October. One is on Oct. 15 at the Nugget Event Center in Sparks, Nevada. Another is the following day at the Laughlin Event Center in Laughlin, Nevada.

Also, whether the reason Kid Rock canceled his shows at Billy Bob’s Texas will prevent him from performing on these dates remains to be seen.

Kid Rock Posts a Photo of His Granddaughter While Also Celebrating Return to the Road

A few days before he announced that he was canceling his shows in Texas, Kid Rock shared a photo with his granddaughter, Skye. Also, he used the post to talk about how happy he is to be touring and performing before a live audience once again.

“On the road again! Wow, I think all who have been to the first few shows, of the only few shows we are doing this year, can testify that our community is of the strongest out there without question. Forget the media, we know the real deal,” Kid Rock tweeted along with the grandfather-granddaughter photo.

He then added: “And I am so happy to have gained at least one new fan for sure after a great weekend in Texas! Rock on! – Grandpa.”