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Kid Rock Says ‘My Heart Bleeds’ for Fallen Military Members in Afghanistan

(Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Following a bombing at the Kabul airport that has left 12 United States service members dead with 15 more known to have been wounded, singer-songwriter Kid Rock has taken to Twitter to share his thoughts on the matter.

The attack, attributed to the Islamic State, was also responsible for the deaths of dozens of civilians, per The Washington Post. It came amid operations to evacuate refugees from Afghanistan during the Taliban takeover of the country.

Kid Rock expressed support for the United States military on Twitter following the attack. He claimed that his “heart bleeds for them and their loved ones.”

He encouraged people to pray for the fallen. At present, the total numbers of dead and wounded are still unknown. At least they are in terms of Afghan civilians who were killed in the attacks. The Associated Press reports that as many as 60 civilian fatalities resulted from the deadly blast and subsequent gunfire. In terms of U.S. service member deaths, the fallen reportedly included 11 Marines and a Navy medic.

Of course, the death of U.S. service members hits close to home. And Kid Rock, who recently had to cancel several concert appearances due to COVID-19, isn’t taking it lightly.

He expressed a hope for the United States to “bomb” the ones responsible for the attack. Kid Rock also explained that the situation in Afghanistan is obviously more important than him “missing a couple shows.”

Kid Rock Has Spent Time in Afghanistan Touring with the USO

The connection to Afghanistan is more personal to Kid Rock than many. He has spent time in both Iraq and Afghanistan, performing for U.S. troops.

In fact, he performed at Camp Phoenix in Kabul itself multiple times from 2007 to 2008.

“It’s one of those things I used to do and try not to talk too much about, because it’s not something you go to promote something at, or do anything for any self-gain at all. But what I’ve learned is that maybe if I do talk about it, the more I can encourage some other people in my position to go, because they’re really happy over there just to get a slice of America at any level, but to have someone in the entertainment industry who’s had a little slice of success is really a big boost for those guys,” Kid Rock told MTV News 2010.

He expressed wishes for other popular artists to get involved with the USO, citing it as a rewarding experience.