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‘Last Man Standing’: Here’s Why the Original ‘Kristin’ Actor Left the Show

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“Last Man Standing” fans are still getting over watching the series finale, but some wonder about different cast changes over the years.

One of the most talked-about changes happened after the first season when Alexandra Krosney, who played Kristin Baxter, was replaced. Amanda Fuller took over in the second season and played the role through the ninth and final season.

Yet what happened to Krosney? Why was she replaced? It was due to “creative differences,” according to an article in Distractify.

‘Last Man Standing’ Actor Replaced Partly Because Of Age Difference

Rumors swirled that Krosney left because of her boyfriend. She didn’t have one at the time, so that rumor can go bye-bye. Show creators apparently liked Fuller a lot better for the role. There was an age difference, too, and Fuller fit more along the lines of what they were looking for in the Kristin role.

ABC, in a statement released at the time, said, “The age difference afforded the show the opportunity to retool the family dynamic.”

Fuller has received her fair share of heat from “Last Man Standing” fans that wanted Krosney back.

Amanda Fuller Heard A Lot From Fans Who Wanted Krosney Back On Show

“Everyone has their set mind of what that character is,” Fuller said in a 2019 interview with “Hidden Remote.” “(They’ve) already met them and got used to them.

“You have to earn the audience’s love and respect, and that can be a process sometimes,” Fuller said. “It’s a hard thing to do, but for the sake of the show and the love of the work, it’s totally worth it.”

As for Alexandra Krosney, she’s now 33 years old and reportedly living in New York City. Work opportunities after “Last Man Standing” became few and far between for the actress. Fans interested in seeing what Krosney is up to these days can follow her on Instagram.

“Last Man Standing,” which starred Tim Allen as Mike Baxter, wrapped up a nine-season run on Fox recently. The show originally appeared on ABC but was canceled after six seasons. Fox brought the show back to life for its final three seasons. Nancy Travis played Baxter’s wife, along with Fuller, Molly McCook, Christoph Sanders, and Hector Elizondo.

Allen was the star of the show, obviously, but the cast around him definitely supplied their fair share of laughs. It’s one of those rare TV shows to have a chance on two different networks.