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‘Last Man Standing’ Star Kaitlyn Dever Makes Huge Career Move Landing Big Role

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Kaitlyn Dever left Last Man Standing as a series regular when ABC canceled the show three years ago. Since then, she’s become of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood at the moment, juggling multiple major projects at once. Disney just cast her for one of its upcoming films, as well.

Dever landed a role in the upcoming No One Will Save You, Deadline reported. Details about the project are scant. Brian Duffield will write and direct. All of the film’s plot details are under wraps.

After leaving Last Man Standing, Dever has gone from strength to strength. She gained critical acclaim in Olivia Wilde’s Booksmart in 2019 and hasn’t slowed since. She was nominated for a Golden Globe for Netflix’ Unbelievable. And she will star in the film adaptation of Dear Evan Hansen, the wildly popular Broadway show, according to PopCulture.

She’s currently filming Dopesick, co-starring Michael Keaton for Hulu.

Despite Dever leaving Last Man Standing, it hasn’t hurt her reputation with the cast. Many have been cheering on her career as it rockets past them.

“Kaitlyn Dever is so deserving of her success,” series star Amanda Fuller said last year. “She hasn’t changed a bit. She’s not too good for us. You would think someone in her position could just be like, ‘Okay, see you. I’m doing these things now,’ and she is not at all.”

One thing fans of Last Man Standing want is a resolution to her character’s arc, and they may get it. In the canon of the show, Eve Baxter left home to attend the U.S. Air Force Academy, which explains her absence. But she’s made appearances on the show since then.

Dever Expected Back for ‘Last Man Standing’ Finale

Fuller added that Kaitlyn Dever would often let producers know whenever she had free time so they could write her into an episode if they wanted. She’s made several short appearances on the show since leaving. But the series wouldn’t feel finished without the entire Baxter family back together again.

“She’ll reach out to us and be like, ‘I’m not doing anything for the next few weeks. Put me in, coach,’” Fuller continued. “She wants to be there with us anytime she can and it just means a lot to us that she still feels like she’s part of the family and we’re just happy to have her whenever we can have her.”

It’s why so many expect to see her return for the series finale on May 20th. Though Fuller may have spoiled the surprise. She posted an Instagram video featuring Dever taking part in a virtual table read of the final script.