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‘Last Man Standing’: Tim Allen Caught in a Candid Behind the Scenes Photo

(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Actor and all-around funnyman Tim Allen has made quite a career out of silly antics and making people laugh.

The long-time comedic actor continues his craft with his hit show “Last Man Standing.” The show revolves around Allen’s character, Mike Baxter, navigating through his home full of females. The women of his life provide him with plenty of love but also plenty of obstacles.

Tim Allen and the rest of the cast are preparing to say goodbye to Last Man Standing as its ninth and final season will soon come to a close. The sitcom ran on ABC for six seasons before failing for renewal by the network giant. The show was then picked by Fox for three additional seasons including the one currently airing.

Last Man Standing’s social media accounts recently put out a candid photo of Tim Allen behind the scenes of filming the show.

“last Man Standing memories,” the Instagram post simply states.

Some fans of the series took to the comments section to show some appreciation for Allen and the rest of the cast.

“I love this show so much from the beginning,” a fan of the show writes in the comments. “It is on almost all the time in the background at home ( if I’m not watching 70s shows) they feel like family.”

Tim Allen Preparing to Say Goodbye to Hit Sitcom

Allen says filming for the final season of Last Man Standing has been emotional for him and the entire crew. He says he relates more to Mike Baxter more than other previous characters he has played because they have a lot in common. Other prominent roles Allen has played in the past include Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor on “Home Improvement” and Scott Calvin on “The Santa Clause.”

Allen also has a new show out that reunites him with former Home Improvement co-star Richard Karn. On the popular 90s sitcom, Karn plays a capable assistant to the Tool Man on the fictional show “Tool Time.”

The two have quite the comedic chemistry between themselves and it shows on their new series “Assembly Required.” Currently airing on the History Channel, Assembly Required is a reality competition putting builders against each other as they attempt to build unique objects. Allen and Karn host the show and provide commentary.