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‘Law & Order’: Elliott Stabler Makes Shocking Reveal to Olivia Benson About His Departing Letter

Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Christopher Meloni predicted Law & Order fans would “riot” when Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson finally talked about the letter. Instead, they’re going to wonder about a parallel universe.

Before Thursday’s three hours of Law & Order spinoffs, Meloni said: “the letter is addressed this season and I think [fans are] going to set [their] heads on fire when it happens. I think there’s going to be a riot. You’re going to hear what’s in the letter. Maybe not the full and total [letter], but you’re going to get an earful.”

You know the letter. It’s the one Stabler gave to Benson (Mariska Hargitay) in the crossover episode of the new Law & Order franchise, Organized Crime. That was back on April 1. His wife had just died.

Months later, Stabler, who is deep undercover on Organized Crime, finally talked about the letter with Benson. He was drugged out of his mind by someone he was investigating. And in his state of mind, he needed to confess a key Law & Order detail to Benson. That’s why he found his way to her apartment, stumbling as he walked to the door, and asked to come inside. Honestly, we’re not sure how he found his way to her place.

So What Did Stabler Say to Benson In This Key Law & Order Moment

“Drugs, someone dosed me,” Stabler told Benson. “You need to let me in. … I felt I had to come here. … We never talked about what happened.”

Then he dropped a bombshell. (This may cause the riot with Law & Order fans.)

He tells Benson “I didn’t write the letter. … I didn’t write the letter.”

Benson looked at him. “The letter you gave me?” … Kathy, your wife, wrote the letter you told me you wrote?”

“Yes, it was her idea,” Stabler said. He was so drugged out he could barely get out the words. “It’ll be easier to talk when …we see each other after so much time. I tried and I tried and Kathy helped dictate.”

Then Benson finished the letter: “That what we were to each other was never real and that we got in the way of each other being who and where we needed to be? … And if there was a man in my life, he should be kind and faithful and devoted (what) I deserved?”

There was more. Benson said “But in a parallel universe …”

And Stabler finished the sentence. “It’ll always be you and I. I wrote that.”

The two looked like they were going to kiss. Two decades plus of so much built-up Law & Order chemistry ended in a parallel universe. Will this be enough to satisfy fans? Probably not.

The two didn’t spent the night together. Rather, when Stabler woke up, he was in the apartment of his partner, who wanted to know if he’d blown his cover. Stabler wanted to know what Benson said.

And the case goes on. Stabler snapped back into normal as he chased the mob. Be still our Law & Order hearts.