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‘Law & Order’ Fans Discuss Which Two Detectives Across Franchise They’d Like to See Team Up

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Law & Order has been a mainstay in primetime – and syndicated – programming for decades. The original series premiered in September 1990. Since then, the showrunners have built a fan-favorite franchise with multiple franchise spin-offs. In fact, the franchise seems to have gone full circle now, as the OG series will be returning to the airwaves next week in a much-anticipated revival.

With multiple shows within the Law & Order franchise, it’s not an unusual event when some of the show’s come together in exciting cross-over events. Bringing some of our favorite detectives spanning the Law & Order universe together as they work to solve cases. But, what would be the ideal combo across the universe? What detectives do fans most want to see working together? Well, one Reddit thread recently explored this question. And, the answers did not disappoint…creating some Law & Order partnerships that we wish we could actually see on the small screen!

The initial question that was posed in the Friday Reddit post reads: “Which two detectives, from any series, do you wish we could have seen paired?” An interesting – and fun – inquiry, no doubt!

‘Law & Order’ Fans Put Together Their Favorite Detective Teams

As Law & Order fans respond to the Reddit post, it’s easy to tell that the late Jerry Orbach’s Lennie Briscoe is a fan favorite, for sure. One fan paired Briscoe with another Law & Order OG detective, Dennis Farina’s Joe Fontana.

“Briscoe and Fontana would have been hilarious,” the Reddit user says in the thread. And other Law & Order fans certainly agreed.

“Briscoe and Munch will always be my answer,” another Redditor notes. A pairing that at least one other Law & Order fan is absolutely on board with. This Redditor even came up with the perfect name for the pair, commenting “Brunch rules!!!!!”

Some Dream Pairs Would Need To Find Their ‘Groove’

Another Reddit user went way back to a Law & Order series that hasn’t been on the air for a few years, Law & Order: Criminal Intent. This franchise fan decided a pairing between Criminal Intent’s detective Goren who is portrayed by Vincent D’Onofrio and longtime fan-favorite Chris Meloni’s Elliot Stabler would be a good team. Some fans agreed. However, a few felt that it would take a while for the two very unique detectives “found their groove.”

“This would be a s–t show until they eventually found their groove,” one commenter notes of a Goren/Staber pairing. “Though I do suppose that’s how it would go with anyone paired with either Stabler or Goren.”

“Fontana and Logan,” notes another Redditor in the thread.

“since they both seem to be hot-tempered. Could’ve been funny,” the commenter continues. They then go on to note that the Goren idea sounds good as well.

“I also would love to see Goren with literally anyone,” the Redditor says. “Dudes a (madman) but I love him, and wonder how other detectives would respond to his antics.”

Other pairings include Benjamin Bratt’s Rey Curtis and SVU’s Nick Amaro who is played by Danny Pino; and Briscoe and Fin (Ice-T), among others.