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‘Law & Order: SVU’: Here’s Where You’ve Seen Gabe Navarro Actor Rhys Coiro Before

(Photo by Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)

On Law & Order: SVU‘s most recent episode, Rhys Coiro plays club owner Gabe Narvarro, a man who has the inside scoop on the precinct and is generally a sleazy guy. In the beginning of the episode, he throws a singer down the stairs, knocking her out, and then leaves her behind a dumpster. So, yeah, generally sleazy.

But if you’re thinking this guy looks kind of familiar, you’d be right; Rhys Coiro has had a few recognizable roles on some pretty big shows.

Rhys Coiro’s Recurring Roles

Coiro had a 10-episode run on the Kiefer Sutherland-led drama 24 as FBI analyst Sean Hillinger. Coiro got to exercise his acting muscles for this role; Hillinger was actually a double agent working to support Ike Dubaku, second in command of the People’s Freedom Army in Sangala.

Coiro recalled his character in an interview, saying, “I remember first starting out and Sean was something of a blank slate. But watching the show, he does seem like a suspicious fellow from hour one.”

He also had a recurring role on Entourage that was supposed to be short-lived. In 2004, he played Billy Walsh on the show all the way through to 2011. He also came back for the movie in 2015. Walsh was a director who made a few good indie films in the first seasons, and was therefore hired to make a few more. His career takes a nosedive, though, when he starts exhibiting absurd habits. He is essentially kicked out of the movie business after one terrible film.

He played the role of Jed on The Walking Dead for a while as well, before eventually being burned alive for robbery. Jed was a former Savior who ran with Negan. He led a rebellion of Saviors, who all go off to live in the woods for a few years. He meets Carol twice, robbing the community and leaving her alive. She later catches him robbing another group and burns him alive for his crimes.

Various Guest Roles

Rhys Coiro’s first notable role was a part on Six Feet Under. He then went on to guest star as antagonists on CSI: Miami and CSI: NY. He played Diablo on Miami and Razor on NY.

Coiro also had roles on A Gifted Man opposite Patrick Wilson, where he played a doctor, and Hostages, in which he played one of the hostage-takers tied up in a plot to assassinate the president. Both shows only ran for one season before the networks canceled them.

He had small roles on Dexter and Longmire, and a previous role on Law & Order: SVU as Santiago Morales in 2013. How things come full circle.

Rhys Coiro has had no lack of television and film roles over his career, but it’s safe to say he plays a bit of a type: antagonists, sleazy guys, and messes. But, you have to admit, he does it well.