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‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Mariska Hargitay Says ‘Here We Go’ in Candid Season 23 Snap

(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Season 23 of “Law & Order: SVU” is right around the corner, and star Mariska Hargitay is here to document the filming experience.

According to fellow cast member Ice-T, who plays Detective Odafin “Fin” Tutola, filming for “Law & Order” began last Friday, July 23. Now, Hargitay is here with a sneak peek of herself on the set of the hit crime drama.

The “Law & Order” star took to Instagram yesterday to post a photo of herself with sunglasses on and two peace signs throw up. It looks like she’s in the passenger seat of a car, but the photo is carefully cropped so we can’t see any other spoiler-y details.

“Season 23. Here we go…..#Svu23 #23,” Hargitay captioned the post, along with tons of fire emojis.

Hargitay plays the lead on the show, Detective Olivia Benson. For a while, fans worried that “Law & Order: SVU” filming would be delayed because Hargitay seriously injured her ankle, requiring both a cast and a boot. She’s been laid up in bed for the past few weeks, documenting the progress on her injured foot on Instagram.

But now, it looks like she’s back in action ( hopefully not too much action — she definitely doesn’t need another injury). “Law & Order: SVU” will return for Season 23 on Thursday, Sept. 23 at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Mariska Hargitay Supports Simone Biles After Sudden Olympics Exit

Earlier this week, Mariska Hargitay sent her love and encouragement to Simone Biles via Instagram. Biles received a mixture of support and criticism recently for withdrawing from the women’s gymnastics team and all-around competitions. Biles claimed she needed to focus on her mental health and be in the right state of mind to compete again.

The “Law & Order” star isn’t just Biles’s supporter, but also her cheerleader. Hargitay posted a black-and-white photo of Biles completing a complicated twist. Text on the image read, “Shattered records to become the world’s most decorated gymnast. Has four moves named for her. Fought on behalf of abuse survivors. Simone Biles already won.”

In her individual caption for the post, Hargitay wrote, “My hero. Warrior. Sending love to @simonebiles #Courage #Strength #Well-being #Self-care #Healing #bravery Humanity G O A T  #Champion #Mentor #Goat #Healer.”

Both Hargitay’s and Biles’ fans commented on the post and agreed with the “Law & Order” star’s message. One fan said, “In ancient Greece, athletes were considered heros, examples to follow. Simone Biles has chosen to become the embodiment of that very definition, she has become a role model for all of those who struggle with anxiety and mental health and feel the pressure of doing what people and society expect from them.”

Biles continues to monitor her progress, and we’ll see if she competes in the upcoming individual events on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.