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‘Law & Order: SVU’ Season 23, Episode 2: Full Recap

(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)

Another week, another brand new episode of Law & Order: SVU. A brutal nightclub owner seems to be the man of interest. Herizen Guardiola makes an appearance at the beginning of the episode doing her own vocals. Things soon take a turn for the worst.

After her performance at the club, the singer is sexually assaulted by the owner, Gabe Navarro. During her performance, she sings “Happy Birthday” to him, in celebration of his birthday. He soon starts touching her inappropriately.

After denying his advances, he gets angry and pushes her down the stairs. The attack left her confined to a wheelchair. Rhys Corio plays the club owner and his performance is very convincing. He plays that villain role so well.

It becomes clear that many of the people in the club that witnessed anything aren’t likely to fess up. Gabe seems like a very powerful man. In fact, he is connected to a lot of bad people. People that Organized Crime and the FBI are looking into.

Early on, Olivia Benson had to lay down the law. She is such a fierce figure, and never backs down from anyone. Even if it is Elliott Stabler, the FBI, or any other department.

Then, the FBI had to get involved. It is almost never good when departments and agencies compete. This time, Agent Clay was involved. He makes a habit of dismissing Benson most of the time. While Benson and Stabler collide in this episode, it wasn’t under usual circumstances.

Stabler is undercover with the Albanians, and Benson had no idea.

“Liv, you’re not going to like this,” he tells her once they get time alone.

“You couldn’t tell me you were undercover?” she whisper-yelled back.

Oh and don’t forget, it’s CAPTAIN Benson.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Old Friends Catchup

Stabler and Benson aren’t the only friends catching up. The SVU, Organized Crime, and FBI are all back again and working together. They have enough information to run a raid on the main man’s house.

As they grab him, Stabler ends up shooting Navarro. While it was meant to dispel any suspicion about him working with law enforcement, the detective seemed to put meaning behind the shot. It was just a shot to the shoulder, so Navarro survived.

By the time Carisi goes down to the hospital to grab Navarro, he has been taken. U.S. Marshals came in and took the sexual predator away.

“Stabler lied to us,” the assistant district attorney says to Benson. “We were played.” Afterward, things get intimate again between Stabler and Benson. She calls him up as he is about to go back undercover. She fills him in on what happened.

“He told me to trust him, and I know him better than anyone,” Benson relays to Rollins.

“You used to,” the detective responds. The drama of it all!

Seriously, the tension between Stabler and Benson the next time they meet is going to be thick. Amid all of the investigations, the undercover assignments, and the cross-agency feuds, things are getting tough. No one knows who to trust anymore. Even Benson isn’t sure who she can trust at the moment.