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‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Peter Scanavino Opens Up About Rollins’ Exes

Photo by: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images

One of the fan-favorite characters over on “Law & Order: SVU” has to be Dominick “Sonny” Carisi Jr. (portrayed by Peter Scanavino). He is the Assistant District Attorney that popped onto the show starting in season 16.

Besides watching him assist in all the gruesome sexually-oriented crimes “Law & Order: SVU” highlights, fans loved watching the slow burn that eventually sparked his relationship with Detective Amanda Rollins. She is portrayed by Kelli Giddish on the show starting in season 13.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Star Talks Lover’s Ex

If you’ve been keeping up with the show, Rollins and Carisi shared a kiss together at the end of last season. It was a moment many fans had been waiting for after eight years of watching their undeniable chemistry on the screen.

As of now, their relationship exists outside of work and no one really knows about it. Could the arrival of Sgt. Kaldun stir up the drama pot? If you remember, Kaldun and Rollins went on a date at one point in the past.

“You know I think he’s probably pretty secure in the relationship, because I do think it’s not something that they’re taking very lightly. They’ve been able to keep this going. Given their two jobs, they’ve got to be very forthright with it, express and talk to each other and communicate, and I don’t think he thinks this is a tenuous thing in terms of the feelings involved. It might be tenuous given the circumstances,” Scanavino said to TV Line.

Carisi and Rollins Relationship Off to Good Start

For Scanavino, exes or not, he seems to think their budding relationship is off to a very strong start. Sgt. Kaldun has dropped by for three different episodes that stretch across seasons 21 and 22. He took Rollins out to dinner in “I Deserve Some Loving Too.”

Now, he will appear in “Silent Night, Hateful Night,” which will air on January 6, 2022. Donal Logue as Lieutenant Declan Murphy is also making a return on the show after a seven-year absence.

When he first got the script featuring the kiss, he knew it would be a massive moment for “Law & Order: SVU.” So much so that Scanavino has said he’s dreamed up his own fictional backstory for the two lovers.

“I like the direction that they went in. It didn’t feel forced to me. It felt very earned. So, yeah, I mean that was kind of my reaction. It was excitement, because it’s also character development, as well. It’s them throwing you a bone, and it’s something that you get to focus on, you know, in the relationship outside of the squad. It just makes things more interesting, more dangerous, in a way. Like, there’s all kinds of implications with this relationship. So, I was happy about it,” Scanavino also said to the news outlet.