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‘Law & Order: SVU’: This Was Benson’s Best Moment of Season 4

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“Law & Order: SVU” has been a big-time show on NBC for over two decades. Even long after Elliot Stabler left the program, the show continued to be a gigantic hit for the network, especially with Olivia Benson staying on the program. However, a lot of fans would say that those early years with Benson and Stabler were when the show was at its best. That includes a lot of those early seasons on the program. Well, some fans are discussing which was Detective Benson’s best moment from the fourth season of the program.

The moment came in Season 4 when it had to do with a rape case in Episode 22. It was a complicated case for Benson because a lot of what was needed to put the alleged perpetrator behind bars, she needed one of his victims to testify on the stand in front of him. This was uncomfortable for both the victim and the counselor who was also heavily involved in the case.

Benson is able to get the woman to testify, but it came at a cost. Still, Benson wanted to make sure that the man would not get away with it and hurt any more women. She told Stabler in the episode, “I made Carrie relive the worst thing that’s ever happened to her.” She added that she “screwed any number of victims who might have sought counseling from Bethany Taylor.” She concluded that because of how the case went that “a few less rapes may be reported because of it.”

It was a tough struggle for Benson as she wanted justice for the victim but it came at a cost.

Kelli Giddish on “Law & Order: SVU”

Giddish has sort of taken on the role of Benson after the latter’s promotion. She has been a delight for viewers on the program. However, she is no New Yorker, as the actor actually grew up in Georgia.

She told Smashing Interviews, “Well, you know, it wasn’t a hindrance. I don’t know whether it was a help or not. But I think I can turn it a little bit off. I think the sensibility of being a southern woman has definitely helped. So it’s not the accent. It’s the sensibility, I think, that carries through more than anything else.”

It was just a part of her story. She is proud of it, and it wasn’t a hindrance for her getting future work.

She added, “I know that I couldn’t talk to my grandmama, Theodosia, before any auditions in my 20s because after talking to her, all of a sudden, “Hey” had nine syllables in it (laughs). So I couldn’t talk to her on the days I had auditions because it just keeps going. I can’t turn it off (laughs). I think my character on SVU is originally from Pittsburgh or something. But when I got the role, they were like, “No. Just make her from Georgia.”

You can watch “Law & Order: SVU” on NBC.