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‘Law & Order: SVU’: When Will Jason Biggs Make Guest Star Appearance?

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Law & Order: SVU fans should be excited for next year when the season returns in January. There will be multiple guest stars making appearances.

Over the years there have been some great guests on the show. The writers and producers aren’t afraid to put anyone in the show. There are going to be a handful of guests in 2022 that fans are going to be excited to see.

One of those guest stars is Jason Biggs. While he is known for his roles in the American Pie franchise, he has gotten into more serious work lately. Most notably Orange Is The New Black. While filming out in New York City earlier this year, the actor was spotted taking a selfie with Mariska Hargitay. Since then, fans have speculated about the 43-year-old actor.

Well, now the speculation is over. It turns out that Biggs will make an appearance on the show on January 6. He will be joined by more guest-stars on Law & Order: SVU that fans will love to see make a comeback.

Jason Biggs to Join Donal Logue and Ari’el Stachel on SVU

January 6 is going to be a big deal for Law & Order: SVU fans. Seriously, the list of guests is great. Not only is Biggs joining the show for a bit, but he will be joined by old favorites. While Biggs will be a detective on the show, he is going to be led by Declan Murphy.

The Donal Logue character is back and Lt. Murphy needs help. Along with him, Rollins’ former love interest, Hasim Khaldun will also join the show. So, there is a lot of possibility for some quick romance once again. Ari’el Stachel and Logue appeared on the show for a few seasons previously.

While fans are going to have to wait for the episode, it will be one they will want to see. Declan Murphy hasn’t been on the show since Season 17. With some special circumstances bringing him back to the SVU team there is no telling what could happen.

‘Law & Order: SVU’ Guest Star Is a Tony Award Winner

Not only is Ari’el Stachel a handsome face on the screen, but he also has serious acting credentials. At just 30 years old, the MIddle Eastern actor born in New York has won a Tony Award. His last appearance in Law & Order: SVU was last season in April. His character, Khaldun was undercover.

Eventually, Rollins and Khaldun hit it off. However, there was one issue. Dominick Carisi. The situation turned into a love triangle quickly. When he comes back, that could mean more issues for the Rollins/Carisi relationship. This is going to be a fun episode. Stachel, Biggs, Logue. Who else could SVU get for this episode?