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‘Law & Order’ Takes Fans Behind the Scenes of Recreating the Original Set

(Photo by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage)

It’s been over 10 years since Law & Order fans have had the chance to catch a brand new episode of the groundbreaking NBC drama series. Now, however, the Law & Order revival is finally underway; with the premiere set to air later this month.

Of course, we are all super excited to see the OG Law & Order installment finally return. Especially since some of our favorite OG characters will be making a return, reprising their original roles. While we still have a few days to wait for the premiere, the Wolf Entertainment Instagram page is giving us a sneak peek with a behind-the-scenes look at the new series.

“Welcome back to #LawAndOrder,” reads the message attached to the February 17 Instagram post.

The behind-the-scenes look includes a brief look at how the crews developed the set to recreate the successful original Law & Order series. From recreating sets we all know so well from the show’s initial run to building a new scene, the crew has been hard at work.

Dick Wolf Personally Ordered the Recreation Of Original Sets

In fact, in the video, we learn that Law & Order franchise creator, Dick Wolf, personally decided to recreate the original set for the revival. The Insta post also includes a link to the entire video showing how the cast and crew have worked so hard to bring fans of the series the long-awaited 21st season of the hit series.

The video takes us through some major moments in the filming of Law & Order season 21. From snippets showing the actors as they prepare for a scene, to the intricacies of rebuilding the sets so many years later.

Law & Order is a television institution, so we absolutely had to be faithful,” notes Carlos Menédez the set designer for the Dick Wolf series.

Taking Us Back To the Original ‘Law & Order’ Sets

The two-minute-long clip compares scenes from Law & Order’s original run to scenes from this new series, showing viewers how diligently the crew worked to recreate the sets. It’s certainly hard to tell the revival sets aren’t part of the original.

Menédez notes that when the designers started the task of recreating the sets, they referred back to the original set drawings. Drawings that were developed in the 1990s – for the show’s original premiere. Menéndez also notes that they needed to keep the courtroom, the DA’s office, and the squad rooms exactly as they originally were.

“We also wanted to make sure that this felt like a continuation,” the Law & Order set designer explains. “Not a completely new series.”

Menéndez adds that the result will be everything fans love about Law & Order, but even better.

“I feel like I’m part of history,” Menéndez says. “The recreation of history.”