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LISTEN: Elvis Presley & Ex-Girlfriend Linda Thompson Harmonize in Rarely Heard 1973 Duet

Photo credit: Tom Wargacki/WireImage/Getty Images

Singer Elvis Presley and then-girlfriend Linda Thompson sing together during this unearthed recording of the King of Rock n Roll. The two perform a rendition of “Your Life Has Just Begun.”

Both Presley and Thompson can be heard harmonizing together, in this sweet and tender reminder of the two’s relationship together. Though the audio shows its age and isn’t remastered, both of their voices come ringing through. It’s an interesting relic of Presley’s final days.

Sadly despite the song title, the King of Rock n Roll’s life was trending downward. Just four years later, Presley would die in his Graceland mansion, shocking millions of fans.

Elvis Presley Met Thompson Late in Life

Elvis Presley had separated from his wife Priscilla Presley when he met Thompson. The couple met at a private movie screening back in 1972. Thompson was 15 years younger than the aging musician. But they quickly struck up a spark and began a whirlwind four-year relationship.

During that time, Thompson would travel with Presley on his private plane. The two were almost inseparable.

“The year we shared sort of equates to 10 or 12 years in a normal life,” Thompson said, according to the Express. “In a normal relationship, you go to work, you come back, you meet for a few hours, you have dinner, you go to sleep. The next day you’re both off doing your thing. With Elvis, it was so intense. It was so 24/7. There was such togetherness that it really did equate to about 10 years it felt like.”

Finally, Thompson broke up with Presley because she wanted a normal life and the singer was amidst a spiral. She couldn’t watch as he tumbled ever downward. The two remained close though until his eventual death.

Linda Thompson Became a Songwriter

Perhaps a little bit of Presley’s music magic rubbed off on Thompson. But after their relationship ended, Thompson became a songwriter in her own right. Country music and pop fans may have heard some of Thompson’s music. For instance, she co-wrote Kenny Rogers’ “Our Perfect Song.”

She also worked on Celine Dion’s “Miracle,” Josh Groban’s “To Where You Are,” and Backstreet Boys’ “Drowning.”

She also moved into the realm of film, partnering with her husband David Foster. For instance, the duo wrote tunes for both “Pretty Woman” and “The Bodyguard,” which featured the late Whitney Houston. For their work, they received both Grammy and Academy Award nominations.

Thompson remembers her time with Elvis Presley fondly.