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Lucille Ball’s Granddaughter Uses Family ‘Legacy As a Platform’ To Honor Daughter’s Memory

(Original Caption) This season TV viewers will have the opportunity to see Lucille Ball teamed up with her youngsters, Lucie(left), and Desi(right) as the two play the roles of daughter and son on her revamped series. The youngsters are splendid and the threesome may rival the success of Ozzie and Harriet Nelson who managed a successful show including their own children.

Being from a famous family does not mean that one is immune to tragedy. That includes the descendants of television icon Lucille Ball. However, one of her grandchildren is helping others as a way to cope with her grief.

According to an exclusive report by PageSix.com, that granddaughter is Julia Arnaz. She is the daughter of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s son, Desi Arnaz. Jr. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz are, of course, the stars of the iconic “I Love Lucy” television show.

Tragedy struck Julia’s life during September 2020. It was during that month that her daughter, Desiree Anzalone, passed away from breast cancer. Desiree was only 31 years old at the time of her death.

Even though she continues to grieve for her daughter, Julia has decided she needs to do what she can to help others. To do so, she wants to establish a foundation that will help battle breast cancer. The proposed foundation will be established in memory of Desiree.

Grieving Mother Hopes to Make Procedures That Detect Breast Cancer Available to Younger Women

Part of what Julia hopes to accomplish is to get younger women coverage for procedures that can detect breast cancer. These include mammograms and ultrasounds. Sadly, she learned how important such procedures are during her daughter’s diagnosis and cancer battle.

This granddaughter of Lucille Ball said that Desiree found a lump in one of her breasts when she was 25 years old. A doctor reportedly told her there was no reason to be concerned that she had breast cancer. However, the lump began to be painful. So, Desiree returned to the doctor. She asked for more tests and it was discovered that she had breast cancer. And, it was stage 2.

“Those four or five months, it’s a huge difference,” Julia told the publication. “And this beautiful angel, my daughter … so many young women might say, ‘Ah it’s a cyst, no big deal.’ But she really advocated for herself and I encourage other young women to do this …”

It is her daughter – the great-granddaughter of Lucille Ball – who continues to inspire Julia.

“It’s (Desiree) working through me,” Julia also said. “She is God’s working angel and that’s what keeps me going.”

Julia Arnaz Learned She Was a Grandchild of Lucille Ball When She Was 20 Years Old

In addition to talking about her daughter and her future foundation, Julia Arnaz also about her relationship with her father, Desi Arnaz Jr.

As a child, Julia’s mother told her that her father was the son of famous stars. Her mother was Susan Callahan Howe. Sadly, she passed away due to COVID-19 during 2021. After Lucille Ball died in 1989, Julia went to court and got a subpoena for Desi Arnaz Jr. to submit to a DNA test.

“We did a DNA test when I was 20 and it came back 99.97 percent that I was indeed his daughter and then shortly after that my father and I started a beautiful relationship,” Julia said.

Desiree also had a positive relationship with Desi Arnaz Jr. before her untimely death.