Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan Has Hilarious Reaction to Hearing AI Version of His Music

Luke Bryan recently encountered a virtual replica of himself powered by artificial intelligence, and the outcome was definitely intriguing. When appearing on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, the singer shared his opinion of an AI-generated Luke Bryan song and pondered if something like this could ever be included in his actual music collection.

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It all began when the show host Jimmy Kimmel applauded Bryan’s impressive 30-song collection of No. 1 hits. In December 2022, Bryan accomplished a monumental career feat as “Country On” became his 30th song to reach the top of the music charts.

Of course, as a musical phenomenon such as Bryan is always on the lookout for his next big hit song, he was eager to listen to the AI chatbot’s rendition of country music written in his own style. Laughing, he admitted to being a bit worried that the computer might take away his job. “The problem with me is I’m scared it may actually be better than the stuff I’ve written.”

The upbeat tempo of the drums and vocals filled the air. It brought with it a wave of country buzzwords like “back road,” “guitar” and “small-town boy.” To everyone’s surprise, not to mention delight, there was no reference made to beer.

A true Luke Bryan fan could spot the tune was AI, but it was pretty close…

Though it could easily be mistaken as a typical Bryan ballad, the trained ear may notice that the instrumentation and delivery of this track is far more rock-influenced than what we are used to hearing from him. Nevertheless, for a song composed by an AI, its quality was quite impressive and terrifying.

Per Taste of Country, the AI composed. the following lyrics. “Drivin’ down these back roads, just me and my ol’ guitar / Tryin’ to find my way back home but it seems so very far,” the song’s lyrics read. “I’m just a small town boy / Livin’ in this crazy world / But I’ll keep on singin’ my songs and lettin’ my voice be heard.”

Following the completion of his song, Bryan is somewhat relieved. For now, at least, he isn’t being challenged by a chatbot in the art of composing music. “I think I’m okay for now on the AI,” he quipped. “The problem is, if I really sound like that, yeah, 31 [chart-topping hits] will not happen.” Host Jimmy Kimmel agreed. “They might actually take one of your No. 1 hits away,” Kimmel shot back.

One thing is for sure: AI wouldn’t have the same preshow jitters that Bryan does. In the lead-up to hosting the 50th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards alongside Blake Shelton in 2015, Luke Bryan opened up about their pre-show ritual. To get themselves amped for the night ahead, they would have a little liquid courage beforehand. “We huddle up and do some read-throughs. Mix us a drink and get ready to do this thing,” Bryan said according to Fox News. “It’s the country guy’s chill pill — a little vodka.”