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Luke Bryan Speaks Out About Turkey that Attacked His Wife

(photo credit: Jason Davis / Contributor / Getty Images)

Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline’s turkey, “Al,” attacked her earlier this year. The “One Margarita” singer is revealing what happened to the turkey in the aftermath of the clawing that left his wife needing medical care.

While speaking with the media, the 44-year-old said his wife won’t need to worry about Al attacking her again. “Al’s options were very limited,” Bryan said, Taste of Country reports. “He’s lucky he got Caroline’s option, because I had my option.”


This past June, Caroline Bryan took to her Instagram page to reveal the aftermath of the attack. “My turkey Al attacked me last night and hit a tendon in the back of my leg.”

According to Luke Bryan, the turkey caused damage requiring treatment. “She had to get on antibiotics,” Bryan said. “That’s something stupid enough to kill you, bacteria from a damn turkey leg.”

Luke and Caroline regularly interacted with Al before the attack, sometimes taking the animal in the car with them. According to Luke, Al lived at Brett’s Barn, which was created by the couple in memory of their niece, Sadie Brett Boyer. The two-time CMA Entertainer of the Year says that living around other turkeys made Al more aggressive.

Luke Bryan Makes Final Decision to Move “Al” the Turkey to a Different Farm


“But then he was living out by Brett’s Barn, and the other turkeys started coming up and fighting him and beating him up and making him more aggressive, and he just got to where everything was a threat,” Bryan says.

Thereafter, Bryan took matters into his own hands to make sure Al no longer presented a threat. After the attack, Bryan explains that Al no longer lives at Brett’s Barn. “He is now living at our other farm down in Murray county,” he said. “Yeah, he’s still in the family, but he’s not gonna be around my family.”

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