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Martha Stewart Reveals She Ruptured Her Achilles Tendon, Is Recovering from Surgery

(Photo by Patrick McMullan/PMC via Getty Images)

Martha Stewart revealed in an Instagram post that she had ruptured her Achilles tendon and is recovering from surgery.

“Not the prettiest photo nor the happiest back story,” Stewart wrote in her post. “Bad timing all around. Ruptured my Achilles’ tendon a while ago. Tried to get it to heal on its own to no avail.”

Stewart revealed that the injury occurred after she took a “surprise step” out of a car and into a dark hole. She seemed to take the event lightly, claiming that “most such ruptures occur when dancing or playing sports.”

“The great @drjohnkennedy@nyulangone performed a three-hour operation yesterday to repair the damage. Recuperating at home I have been ordered to lay still with my leg elevated for two weeks. After that another two to four weeks of crutches. Then maybe some more normal activity,” Stewart added.

Luckily for Martha, she has many friends to wish her well. As of this writing, her post has been liked over 53,000 times. Another 4,000 people have left her well-wishes in the comments.

Drew Barrymore hopped in the comment section to tell the lifestyle expert: “You are still so sexy!!”

Ellen Pompeo, of Grey’s Anatomy fame, also commented on the post.

“Glad to hear you are on your way to a full recovery!!! Lots of love from your favorite fake doctor,” she wrote.

Martha Stewart is Just as Busy as Ever

While the injury is certainly unfortunate, Martha Stewart may learn to see it as a welcomed break. She makes a number of regular television appearances and seems to always be coming out with a new show.

Most recently she’s been filming “Down and Dirty” on Netflix. The show follows Stewart around her 150-acre farm in Bedford, New York as she entertains celebrity guests with gardening projects. The announcement comes just one day before the release of Stewart’s new Discovery+ series

But, Stewart has made time for fun and family in between takes, too. As recently as last week, Stewart was sharing photos of herself by the pool with family. She also posted a pic of her having a trendy rhubarb margarita with salt-rimmed glass, too.

The Rise and Rise of Martha

Stewart is a Polish-born businesswoman who earned her fame through a variety of ventures. She’s expanded her empire into publishing, television, merchandising, and e-commerce. She is the publisher of Martha Stewart Magazine and has two syndicated television shows: “Martha Stewart Living” and “Martha”.

In 2004, Stewart was convicted of insider trading and served five months in federal prison.

However, her career has continued to flourish following her release. She had two shows following her sentence: “Martha Stewart Crafts” and “Martha Stewart Presents”. She also appeared in “Martha Knows Best” and “Martha & Snoop’s Pot Luck Party”.

According to IMDb, she also narrated a documentary entitled Built Beautiful: An Architecture and Neuroscience Love Story.