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Matthew McConaughey Reveals to Danica Patrick About Why He Wanted to Be a Monk, What Stopped Him

(Photo Credit: Gary Miller/ Getty Images)

Matthew McConaughey has proved himself to be a pretty dynamic person, but we didn’t see this coming. McConaughey tells Danica Patrick about the time he wanted to become a monk and what stopped him.

Matthew McConaughey seems like a pretty chill and wise guy, but monk status? We aren’t sure about that. The 51-year-old Texas native seems to fit in just fine on the big screen.

However, on Danica Patrick’s podcast, he relives what was going through his mind at the time. He also opens up about who talked him out of the career path.

“Yeah, I thought, you know, it wasn’t a fleeting thought, heck, I still think about it,” admits Matthew McConaughey. “It still crosses my mind. But my good friend, Brother Christian, who is a monk, actually talked to me and was like, ‘I don’t think you should become a monk.’ I go, ‘why?’ He goes, ‘you were put here to communicate. You need to be out doing what you’re doing. You’re here to travel, communicate, and have relationships with people, create art, things like that. Don’t go take that, what you can be doing that. That’s a gift you’ve got. Don’t take that away and just hermitize up.'”

Matthew McConaughey’s Respect for God

Matthew McConaughey says that he has a profound respect for people who dedicate their lives to God.

“You know, I have a great reverence for people who commit their lives to God, or commit their life daily going. I want to daily stay in prayer, or I want to daily see God in every natural living thing. I want to daily see things and go, ‘oh, that’s God.’ I have a reverence for people who commit themselves to that.”

With that being said, we agree with Brother Christan that Matthew McConaughey’s talents would have been wasted as a monk, preaching to a few people when his platform now lets him spread his beliefs on a much larger scale.