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Matthew McConaughey Says America Needs a ‘New Narrative’

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Matthew McConaughey remains one of America’s most popular drawling actors and authors. His career outside of film and acting has been unique as of late. Many Outsiders will recall he has also entertained the idea of running for governor of Texas. However, it’s a political move he’s now chosen not to pursue further. Instead, following the release of his memoir last year, the Hollywood icon has spoken out about his thoughts regarding our nation’s narrative. Although, more importantly, he suggested how we need a new one.

As stated above, considering his earlier political ambitions, McConaughey has been making headlines a lot lately. In this way, it has enabled the actor and author to explore new national concerns he might not have previously encountered. During a recent interview with Today‘s Willie Geist, the actor explored what he meant in saying America’s in need of a “new narrative.”

“I do know this,” he began, “I love telling stories. We need a new story to tell. We need a new narrative.”

His claim might cause a rift among Outsiders. However, the actor insisted, “It’s not throwing away the old narrative…America’s a folksong.” Cue the folksy tune in the background.

Matthew McConaughey stated that considering the shape of our country as it is, “We need to get reacquainted with the original lyrics, and we need to understand that we’re still writing lyrics,” a metaphor that may have spoken to the actor’s former political intents.

“We’re still writing our song,” he concluded.

McConaughey’s discussion with Geist regarding our narrative takes place near the 6:30 mark within the below video. However, start from the beginning to explore some of the actor’s other current pursuits.

Matthew McConaughey’s Children Inspired Drop From Politics

During his political excursion, Matthew McConaughey received an impressive amount of public support. One poll even saw the actor pull ahead of Governor Ted Cruz earlier this year. However, for now, his government ambitions and successes have stopped there. Instead, he plans to spend the next several years raising his children.

In speaking with Today, the actor revealed that while he believes he has the potential for a leadership position, it’s just not in the cards for him yet.

“I feel like I have some leadership qualities and thoughts to share that aren’t just good for me, but can be good for the most amount of people,” McConaughey revealed.

However, considering the actor’s three children are still relatively young, aged 13, 11, and 8, they remain at a crucial developmental stage. Therefore, the actor said, “If I [ran for office] it would be a major sacrifice for myself with them.”

Instead, as a relatable public figure, McConaughey plans to remain within the familiar territory of acting and writing. That is, in addition to being a pretty cool dad. However, through those avenues, he hopes to affect change as he might have had he continued his run for TX governor.