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Matthew McConaughey Wrote About Drug Addict in His Memoir, Country Star Learns It Was Him

(Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images for HISTORY)

Back in October 2020, Hollywood A-lister Matthew McConaughey released his memoir, Greenlights. The book shares insights and stories from McConaughey’s life in chronological order. However, one segment of the book was a mystery to readers until now.

During the Part Five: Turn the Page section of the actor’s book, McConaughey opens up about a country music star who had a serious cocaine addiction. The author chose not to name the singer past referring to him as Larry. It turns out that’s the man’s real name. In fact, country legend Larry Gatlin revealed that he is indeed the mystery addict while speaking with People.

Gatlin, 72, is most well-known for his band Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers. He and his two brothers had numerous hits in the ’70s and ’80s. In addition, Gatlin performed on 33 different Top 40 singles, including his time with the band and solo career.

While riding high on the success of his music career, the singer got into hard drugs heavily. It began a years-long addiction that Gatlin never thought he could kick. While playing in a golf tournament in Texas one year, he got caught with white powder on his nose. His good friend and college football coach of the Texas Longhorns, Darrell Royal, called him out over it.

Their conversation that day changed his life, and Royal personally took Gatlin to a California rehab program. Now, Gatlin is 37 years sober and often shares his addiction story with anyone who will listen. Yet he was just as shocked as anyone that McConaughey included his story in his memoir.

Larry Gatlin Is ‘Grateful’ Matthew McConaughey Shared His Story

Larry Gatlin hasn’t shied away from admitting he’s the drug addict in Matthew McConaughey’s book. Ever since his daughter called him one day and told him about the actor’s book, he’s owned it.

During a recent People exclusive, Gatlin thanked McConaughey for including his addiction story. He says he’s “grateful” for the actor and thinks his story may help others dealing with similar issues.

“I’m so very grateful to Matthew,” Gatlin said to People. “You never know when what we read is going to change our lives. I was able to kick my addictions thanks to my wife and my family and my God and an incredible program of recovery. But now, I truly believe there will be people that will read Greenlights and they are going to thank McConaughey for putting my story in there.”

Gatlin came to terms with his past and his addictions many years ago. Additionally, he even wants Matthew McConaughey to put his full name in his book. Although Gatlin wishes he could take back some of the things he’s done in the past, he doesn’t necessarily regret them. His experiences got him to where he is today. “Life is so very good” these days, Gatlin says.

“Lord knows that I have done some things I wish I hadn’t done,” Gatlin explained. “But it brought me to right here, right now, sitting on this back porch on this swing watching my wife [Janis] chase away the bees from her honeysuckle plants. Life is so very good. And quite frankly, I’m proud to know Matthew and I’m thankful for him. But yeah, put my name in the book son!”