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Matthew McConaughey’s Reaction After Saturday’s Texas Longhorns Win Is Straight-Up Inspiring

Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

The Texas Longhorns celebrated an impressive win this Saturday. Meanwhile, super fan Matthew McConaughey explained why it mattered in the big, beautiful football sense of the world.

The Longhorns beat Texas Tech, 70-35, in front of nearly 100,000 fans at Royal-Memorial Stadium in Austin. And the game wasn’t even as close as the score might indicate.

Matthew McConaughey attempted to explain a deeper, philosophical meaning behind a lopsided victory over an in-state rival. After all, every touchdown drive could have its own story to tell. McConaughey could give them voice.

He posted on Twitter: “pedal to the metal from the the [sic] KO to the final 70-35. KnockOut—lottsa Longhorn GAS on the mental, physical and spiritual pursuit of greatness today—the tank is never full—keep fillin it— #hookem.”

When Matthew McConaughey is at his happiest, he’s on the sidelines of a Texas game, be it football or basketball. The Longhorns are one of his passions. Save for a blip on the road at Arkansas, McConaughey has discovered lots to celebrate in September.

So now, we’ll attempt to explain what McConaughey meant in his football tweet.

So, What Did Matthew McConaughey Mean? Does He Even Know?

First, know that the saying kicking around Austin these days is “all gas, no brakes.” New coach Steve Sarkisian brought the slogan with him to Austin, so now it’s everywhere. It basically means give all effort at every moment, don’t even bother tapping the mental brakes. So Matthew McConaughey has added the saying to his philosophical football musings.

The Texas football team is 3-1 after McConaughey’s Longhorns doubled the score of Texas Tech. Next up is a road game at TCU in Fort Worth, then Oklahoma at the State Fair in Dallas. In Austin, football season is getting real. UT has scored 128 points and 1,259 yards the last two weeks. The last time UT amassed more than 600 yards in consecutive games came in 2005, when Texas was on its way to a national championship. You can see why a guy like Matthew McConaughey is preaching about the burnt orange, even if it’s way early to suggest championship season.

His tweet drew a variety of comments.

“Somehow this makes me long for something cliche like ‘you left it all on the field, 110%’ (All gas, no brakes basically means the same thing).

Another fan said: “2 weeks can’t get here fast enough.” (Yes, Matthew McConaughey and every other Texas fan is counting the days to Oklahoma. It’s Oct. 9)

“How much are you gonna say that last line in your daily life from now on?” (Good question. That does seem like a slogan Matthew McConaughey will add to his motto rotation. You can never have too many on social media).

Then there was this honest reaction: “In a strange way, I love you madly Matthew, but I have no idea what you just said lol. These times we’re in aren’t leaving most of us a lot of room for Greatness, unless being here right now is it.”

And: “That’s such a perfect McConaughey tweet. Made my day!”