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Alan Jackson Explains Why He Loves the Song ‘Chain’ From His New Album ‘Where Have You Gone’: ‘It Has a Hank Sr., Old School Sound to It’

(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images for ACM)

Alan Jackson’s latest album, “Where Have You Gone,” is full of songs that are excellent examples of why he has been a country music star for many, many years.

One of those songs is a track Jackson wrote himself. It is titled “Chain.” Jackson briefly talked about it in a clip shared on Twitter on Monday (July 5, 2021).

“Oh, I love that, ‘Chain,'” Jackson said. “That’s just another one that came out of my head from nowhere. I don’t know why, but it kind of has a little bit of a bluegrass feel to it.”

A “bluegrass feel” isn’t the only style this song makes Alan Jackson think about. In fact, it reminds him of the music of one of the earliest and most influential country music stars.

“But also, an old Hank (Williams) Sr.-y kind of a thing,” Jackson shared. “

That’s why I just loved it, you know. It’s a little old-school-sounding tune, but I guess that’s probably why I love it so much.”

“Chain” is a song about heartbreak. It is clear from the lyrics, as well as from Alan Jackson’s moving performance. The song describes a man who can’t stop loving a woman who broke his heart.

Check out these lyrics: “Chain, break the chain / I will never free my heart and break the chain / She led me deep in the woods of love / And left me there lost and all alone / And though it hurts, I can’t let go / She’s wrapped forever, deep around my soul.”

You can listen to Alan Jackson sing “Chain” – his new “little old-school sounding tune” – below.

Alan Jackson Has Also Discussed Other Songs From His ‘Where Have You Gone’ Album

The clip of Alan Jackson talking about his song, “Chain” isn’t the only time the singer has shared his thoughts about one of the tracks from his new album “Where Have You Gone” via his Twitter page.

The famous singer and songwriter has also talked about the songs “Where The Cottonwood Grows,” “Wishful Drinking,” and “Things That Matter.”

In regards to “Wishful Drinking,” Jackson said it was inspired by country singer Gary Stewart.

“When I started writing this it sounded like one of his old songs. It’s not as good as one of his great ones but I just really wanted to cut that because I felt like it sounded like a Gary Stewart song,” Jackson said.

Jackson has also said he wasn’t sure if he wanted to record the song “Things That Matter” for his latest album.

“I was a little reluctant of it because it’s not as hard country as some of my other stuff. … (My wife) Denise (Jackson) and some other people really encouraged me to record it,” Alan Jackson said. “… And now that I did I’m glad. I think it’s really pretty on the album. It takes it to a different place.”

For more information about the album “Where Have You Gone,” visit Alan Jackson’s website.