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Best Conway Twitty Quotes: Musings on Music and Love

Photo credit: Joe Sohm/Visions of America/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Heroes get remembered, but legends never die. Conway Twitty and his music live in a league of their own and continue to inspire listeners almost 28 years after his death. The artist entertained audiences with his music on love, life, heartbreak, and everything in between. Conway Twitty quotes can teach us much more than just a good tune and nifty lyrics.

Though Twitty may be gone, he leaves behind a lasting legacy. Fans can still be inspired by Twitty’s words of wisdom on life, love, and his great passion for music. Embrace your inner country music star with these Twitty quotes.

Top Ten Conway Twitty Quotes

Twitty’s career spanned almost four decades. The singer had lots to say about the state of country music and what it means to be a singer. In no particular, here are some of his most poignant musings.

  • “You seldom hear any young artists in country music.”
  • “A good country song takes a page out of somebody’s life and puts it to music”
  • “The artists in country music who stopped having hits are the ones who were led into something that wasn’t them.”
  • “This time I hurt her more than she loves me.”
  • “Fads are the kiss of death. When the fad goes away, you go with it.”
  • “Sure, I can sing a country song, but so can a lot of people.”
  • “It’s my instinct more than my voice that keeps me on top.”
  • “You learn the most from life’s hardest knocks.”
  • “I go through a thousand songs to find ten for a new record.”
  • “Listen to advice, but follow your heart.”

Twitty started his career in the 1950s, venturing into the rock and pop genres. He found success with the No. 1 hit “It’s Only Make Believe” in 1958. But in the 1960s, the singer transitioned into country music industry where he quickly built a name for himself.

But before he was Conway Twitty, he was Harold Lloyd Jenkins. Jenkins grew up in Mississippi with dreams of music and baseball. He felt inspired by the music of Elvis Presley and soon found himself moving to Memphis to pursue these musical aspirations.

Twitty’s Lessons on Love

Conway Twitty sang about a lot of topics during his career. But some of his most popular and endearing tracks focused on a good woman’s loving and romance. Twitty once sang in the song “The Clown,” “You love the way it makes me feel when I can’t catch my breath. Like walkin’ on a high wire, Lord, it scares me half to death. You’re always high above me and I’m always fallin’ down. Our loves just a circus baby, and I’m just the clown.”

Twitty knew a bit about loving himself. He was married four times to three different women. He married Ellen Matthews in 1953. But their union only lasted a year. In 1956, he married Temple “Mickey” Medley, and their marriage lasted until 1970. But that same year, they remarried and stayed married for another 14 years.

Twitty once sang, “Lay you down and softly whisper pretty love words in your ear. Lay you down and tell you all the things a women loves to hear. I’ll let you know how much it means just having you around.”

In 1987, he married his secretary Delores “Dee” Henry. They remained married until Twitty’s death in 1993.

Twitty sang, “I let my eyes deceive me from the start, they told me I wanted her more than I wanted you. Guess my eyes were bigger than my heart.”