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Blake Shelton Hilariously Explains on ‘The Voice’ Why He Won’t Cover Usher’s ‘Yeah’

(Photo by Christopher Polk/E! Entertainment/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Country music superstar and “The Voice” judge Blake Shelton is sure to be keeping his focus on country music from here on out.

He and hip-hopper Usher talked to a contestant on “The Voice” recently, and it was made it clear Blake’s experience with pop music was far from successful. In the conversation, Blake Shelton told of a time when Usher covered one of his songs and “killed it”. Blake proceeds to talk about the time he covered Usher’s hit song “Yeah,” and let’s just say… he did not “kill it.”

“I tried that once,” Shelton said. “It did not go over like I thought it would.”

Luckily for us, not so much for Blake Shelton, the clip exists deep in the annals of YouTube. Despite his pleads “don’t put that on YouTube, put that phone away,” the internet rarely shows mercy. In all honesty, Usher’s imitation of Shelton’s cover is pretty spot on. In his performance, Blake Shelton only gets through one chorus of “yeah”s and two lines of the verse before pulling out. Despite how bad the performance was, the crowd loved it. Shelton clearly enjoyed singing Usher’s song, but his embarrassment was palpable after stopped.

“Usher is so talented, he can do that,” Shelton says from the stage “I can only do one thing, I’m a country singer!”

Usher Covers Blake Shelton Song “Neon Light”

The two “The Voice” stars and good buddies have traded songs before. As Shelton mentions in his Instagram, Usher did cover his song “Neon Light,” and covered it very well. Usher takes a bit of an R&B spin on Shelton’s song, but not quite to the extent that Shelton put his southern twang on “Yeah.”

On “The Voice” this year, Shelton is joined by John Legend and Kelly Clarkson. This year will also feature the new addition of Nick Jonas, who will take the place of Gwen Stefani.