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Blake Shelton Speaks Out on Luke Combs Rejection on ‘The Voice,’ Fans Go Nuts

(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT)

Back-to-back CMA Awards Male Vocalist of the Year, Luke Combs, has Blake Shelton and hordes of loving fans at his back that can’t believe he was rejected from the Voice!

Congruently with his second Male Vocalist of the Year award at the 54th Annual CMA Awards, the world was learning that Luke Combs – THAT Luke Combs – was rejected from The Voice!

According to our previous coverage, Luke was the only male in his audition round. He had a paltry 30 seconds to sing… made it through several stages… only to be cut by producers who didn’t find him “interesting enough” for television.

Isn’t the show called The Voice, and not The Sob Story, though?

Regardless, Combs now has hordes of loving fans – and some incredible trophies – to back up his country career. In addition, the genre’s leading man, Blake Shelton, steps up to the plate hard for the young star.

Blake Shelton & Fans Have Combs’ Back

“Luke told me that he kept his rejection letter, his letter telling him he wasn’t going to be on the show,” Shelton recalls. “He said he put that in his dorm room in college and he hung it on the wall to push him on, something to fight for.”

As a result of Combs’ resounding success, Shelton thinks “If he still has that letter … I think he should frame it and put it next to his first triple-platinum record that he has!”

Blake Shelton isn’t alone in his support, either. On Twitter, fans have absolutely exploded with praise for Luke Combs. Most – as they should be – are absolutely shocked by a voice like Combs being turned down from… The Voice. Again, really?

“Such a heartbreaking, but inspiring story!” user Maygensandz replies to the audio of Combs & Shelton discussing his Voice rejection. “I give Luke Combs all the credit in the world- for pulling himself up by his bootstraps! Thanks Blake.”

In addition, Caprice Castano is equally miffed with the decision as we are. “About that Luke Combs Rejection…” he says. “FYI some of us are not fans of the producers picking stars based on a boo-hoo story! It’s tired. We’re here for the Voice-s!”

Nailed it.

User Delph, like Blake Shelton, also thinks this was “definitely the best possible outcome for Luke, though!”

Twitter Celebrates Luke Combs

And Kym Torgler is all in for Comb’s CMA victory last night, too. “Congrats Luke!!! LOVE your music, voice & “story” !! I just read about your rejection from producers of the voice and boy are they sorry. SO happy you used it to fuel your passion. Now you get to share yourself with all of us!! Happy, happy day!!!”

Finally – Replying to the same tweet, user Lu Caplan lays down the facts:

“Congratulations! Luke Combs. Shame on you “The Voice”. Talent is talent is uhhhhh talent. SMH.”

Color us shocked – still – that Combs was rejected. The important thing is, however, that he seems completely at peace with the decision. Not to mention, this clearly sent him on the right trajectory to superstardom, as well.

For more from Shelton and Combs on his The Voice rejection, we have the full interview here.

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