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The Brothers Osborne Have a Pet Peeve That’s Instantly Relatable

(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

Everyone has a pet peeve or two. Because of that, we all know the feeling when someone commits an offensive act, whatever it may be. It’s like nails on a chalkboard. Like the sidewalk hogs and soup slurpers and loogie hockers found a previously undiscovered nerve deep in your soul and are using it as a trampoline.

For both Brothers Osborne, that relatable feeling occurs in traffic. In a recent interview with Wayne D on his podcast House Party, John Osborne goes into hilarious detail about his thought process while experiencing road rage. Listening to the portion of the interview, you know what you’re in for right away. The clip begins with both brothers and the host, Wayne D, collectively expressing a thought we’ve all had at one point or another (per day), “I hate traffic!”

“This is something that… I literally had this discussion within myself yesterday,” Osborn begins. “I’m actually a very patient person. I can take my time, I can listen, all the stuff. But when I’m behind the wheel, I am the world’s biggest a–hole. I don’t know why, but I’m like a serial killer! I’m like ‘What is going on?!'”

“I just get so mad, I can feel my jaw clenching and someone pulls in front of me… Like they whip out in front of you. They’re in such a rush to pull out in front of you and then they go like 10 [MPH] under the speed limit and I’m like ‘Alright. I’m gonna pass you and I’m gonna look at you just because I wanna associate your face with the hate in my heart right now!’ Why does it matter?? Why do I feel like that? I hate that about myself.”

Brothers Osborne Cite Relatable Inspiration for New Album

Even the most successful musicians and movie stars in the world are still fans at heart. For the Brothers Osborne, you might think that their biggest inspiration comes from artists like Johnny Cash or Hank Williams. For their newest album, however, John and T.J. Osborne journeyed far outside the realm of country music – and found the inspiration they needed in the songs of pop icon Prince.

The song “All The Good Ones Are” from their third and most recent album Skeletons, carries melodic influences from Prince, according to John Osborne. An album with a truly unique sound, Skeletons includes sounds from the country, rock, dance, and old-school pop genres.

“That kinda thing is very Prince-inspired,” John Osborne explained to LouderSound.com. “I love that. It’s hard to do that sound. I didn’t quite nail it because I just have my own accent when I play the guitar naturally, I can’t get away from it! But I always loved how Prince had very dry, direct guitar stabs in his songs. I thought they were so fun and so cool and percussive.”