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Carrie Underwood Looks Back on ‘My Savior’ for Gospel Album’s One-Year Anniversary

(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

While celebrating the one-year anniversary of her My Savior release, Carrie Underwood is going behind the scenes of the gospel album in her latest Instagram post.

“I can’t believe it’s always been a year since I released My Savior and it’s nominated for a GRAMMY!” the country music songstress declared in the social media post. My Savior is notably Carrie Underwood’s first gospel album. It was in production from Underwood and David Garcia. The album features songs such as How Great Thou Art, I Surrender All, Just as I Am, Blessed Assurance, and Nothing But the Blood of Jesus. 

While chatting with Music Row about the album, Carrie Underwood revealed that picking songs was not an easy task. “We had a big list. I definitely had my pillars. Like How Great Thou Art. I wanted to have a proper studio recording of that. And Softly and Tenderly and Just As I am.”

Carrie Underwood also admitted that she and Garcia tried to approach the song picking approach by having some of her absolute favorites. However, they also wanted to make the album a musical journey. “We wanted to have places to go and have a little bit of tempo and things that we could od differently as far as instrumentation to give enough variety. So, it was tough. But I’m very happy with the ones we ended up recording.”

Carrie Underwood Originally Sought to Make the ‘My Savior’ Album Traditional 

Meanwhile, Carrie Underwood admitted that she originally wanted to make the My Savior album very traditional and standard. “The way it was rolling around in my head form when I was a child and growing up. But then once we got into it, we did want to explore a little bit. We wanted to keep the heart that was behind them. But we wanted to try to – I don’t want to say modernize – but we just wanted to give a fresh take on some of them.”

While chatting about performing Nothing But the Blood of Jesus with NEEDTOBREATHE’s frontman, Bear Rinehart, Carrie Underwood shared, “That was one that when we were sitting down trying to figure out what the song wanted to do, David would just play a guitar. I started singing. We were both fiddling around on the piano just trying to figure out what [the song] wanted. We sped it up, we wanted it to move. And [Bear’s] was a voice that felt like it was easy to hear on it. Before we even asked him to be a part of it, we were like, ‘Wow, his voice would be really cool.’”

Carrie Underwood went on to add that she is a fan of NEEDTOBREATHE and Bear has a “unique, very cool” voice.