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Carrie Underwood Says Her ‘Heart Is So Full’ as ‘My Savior’ Album Debuts

(Photo by: NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Today, the wait for Carrie Underwood’s Gospel album has come to an end. My Savior hits the shelves and all digital streaming platforms today. We have waited for this release ever since she mentioned it after releasing her Christmas album in December. Now that the album has come, Carrie Underwood and her fans could not be more excited.

In fact, Underwood posted a Tweet earlier today expressing her excitement. “My heart is so full,” she says in the Tweet along with a video with some behind-the-scenes footage. She expresses her gratitude to her fans and to all of those who appreciate her music. “My Savior is out now,” she adds. “I truly hope you love it as much as I do.”

“This album is one I’ve always wanted to make,” Carrie Underwood revealed in the Tweet’s accompanying video. “This is legacy stuff to me. I feel like at the heart of it all is an album like this one. When thinking about making an album like this, one thing I definitely wanted to do was to do the familiar. I wanted to do the traditional songs that I grew up singing. The songs on this album are all songs that I have literally heard since birth. Just what a joy it has been to make music like this right now.”

Carrie Underwood Performs My Savior Songs on The Today Show

While her album just dropped today, Carrie Underwood immediately got to promoting her new masterpiece. She appeared on the Today Show this morning both to chat about the album and to perform a song from the new release. In the performance, Underwood decided to play the classic gospel tune “As I Am” for the morning show. The performance was prerecorded, however, the presence was pure and authentic. Underwood sang from the soul this morning.

Carrie Underwood, however, was not the first big-name country star to record the traditional gospel hymn. For instance, Johnny Cash, Wille Nelson, and Alan Jackson have all put their spin on the classic track. With that said, Underwood seems to hold this whole album near and dear to her heart. She spoke about it in her interview on the Today Show this morning.

“I grew up on this music,” Carrie Underwood said during her Today Show interview. “It’s such a pillar of who I am as a person, but also as an artist. Because this was the first time that I got to sing on stage and so many artists do get their start singing in church because it is such a warm, loving environment. And that’s your community and they’re so supportive and that’s the same with me, I sang these songs when I was little and now as an adult, they hold such a higher purpose and deeper meaning for me singing these lyrics.”