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Charlie Daniels Band Estate Reveals First Look at Special Edition Fiddle

(Photo by Scott Legato/Getty Images)

Now Charlie Daniels fans can have something to commemorate the late country music icon.

He was known for having an instrument, particularly a fiddle, in his hands, and now his followers can too. His estate is now accepting orders for a Charlie Daniels Special Edition Fiddle.

The Instagram account shares the details about the fiddle.

The caption starts, “To commemorate the life and career of Charlie, we’re announcing the Limited Edition Charlie Daniels Life Fiddle.”

The details of the fiddle are also shared, “Laser engraved, replica signature and personally signed by Charlie’s son & widow and packed with extras including an autographed book of Charlie’s soapboxes, a bandana used on stage by Charlie, a print of a stunning portrait of Charlie and much MUCH more.”

Only 70 of these limited edition fiddles are being made. Additionally, one in four have a handwritten lyric by the fiddle player.

The video shows fans what the fiddle will look like. The instrument will be sparkling gold, just like he used to play. A gold fiddle is mentioned in the iconic song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia.”

The lyrics read, “I bet you didn’t know it, but I’m a fiddle player, too. And if you’d care to take a dare I’ll make a bet with you. Now you play a pretty good fiddle, boy, but give the Devil his due. I’ll bet a fiddle of gold against your soul ’cause I think I’m better than you.”

On the fiddle, there is a photo of Daniels as a child as well as an image of the legend in his later years, with his signature beard and an American flag behind him.

Charlie Daniels Passing

Charlie Daniels passed away earlier this year, on July 6, 2020. He was 83 years old and suffered from a stroke.

Furthermore, the country music legend was a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Grand Ole Opry.