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Charlie Daniels Dead at 83: Fans and Country Music Stars React

(photo credit: Gary Miller / Getty Contributor)

After the news spread of country music star Charlie Daniels’ death, a number of fans and celebrities took to social media to share their reactions. Judging by the massive response on Twitter and other platforms, it’s evident that Daniels made a profound impact on many around the world.

The Country Hall of Fame member passed suffering a hemorrhagic stroke. Don Murry Grubbs, Daniels’ publicist, confirmed the news on Monday morning to the Tennessean.

Some fans recalled some of their favorite stories about Daniels. One fan remembers a segment on Fox News in which Daniels expressed his aversion to the new direction of country music.

Many fans recalled how much Charlie Daniels loved the United States. The singer, best known for “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” was born in Wilmington, NC. He was a vocal supporter of the country on social media. In addition to his patriotic manner, a bunch of fans also made mention of how kind Daniels was to them.

Country Music Stars React to Charlie Daniels’ Death

A bunch of celebrities also responded after hearing of Daniels’ passing. Country stars including Brad Paisley, Travis Tritt, John Rich, and the Oak Ridge Boys all took to Twitter to address the legendary musician’s death.

Daniels is survived by his wife, Hazel, and his son, Charlie Daniels, Jr.