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Chris Lindsey: 5 Songs That Shaped the Songwriter

photo courtesy Chris Lindsey/MathewsPR)

Singer/songwriter Chris Lindsey can crank out a hit. Case in point: Chris is one of the tunesmiths responsible for Lonestar’s 1999 monster hit, “Amazed.” Penned by Chris, Aimee Mayo (his wife), and Marv Green, “Amazed” spent a record eight weeks atop the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, while also topping the all-genre Billboard Hot 100.

Of course, that’s not all. Chris is the songwriter behind a number of hits, including Blake Shelton’s “Every Time I Hear That Song,” Martina McBride’s “This One’s for the Girls,” and Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s “Let’s Make Love,” among others.

In addition, Chris recently released a new six-song EP, Down the Velvet Rabbit Hole, featuring six rock songs he wrote, produced, and performed. He also hosts the Pitch List podcast, where he explores what it means to be successful in the music industry.

Outsider caught up to Chris to find out the 5 Songs That Shaped the Songwriter—and next week we’re featuring the talented Aimee Mayo.

1. ‘Wichita Lineman’ – Glen Campbell  (written by Jimmy Webb)

Chris Lindsey: Iconic soaring melodies, evocative words, and a unique arrangement. This is the first song that made me dream of being a songwriter. I have wonderful memories of listening to this record with my father, who was a big fan of songwriters. I am such a Jimmy Webb fan that it’s hard for me to choose only this one as my favorite. Of course, I also love “Galveston,” “By the Time I Get to Phoenix,” and even “MacArthur Park.” I believe Webb is probably the most underrated of the American songwriting greats.

2. ‘Golden Slumbers’ – The Beatles (written by Paul McCartney)

Chris Lindsey: Pure emotion. A favorite of my kids, this song still crushes me. It flows seamlessly between different sections, something we desperately miss in music today. Deep and true, it’s equally melancholy and beautiful. 

3. ‘Let Down’ – Radiohead (written by Radiohead)

Chris Lindsey: From the rock classic, OK Computer, this song will always remind me of falling in love with my wife, Aimee. The perfect combination of romantic and bittersweet, it’s a masterpiece—just like the rest of the record. Radiohead never stays in one place, but I wish they would have stayed here for awhile.

4. ‘The Sound of Silence’ – Simon & Garfunkel (written by Paul Simon)

Chris Lindsey: One of the first songs I learned to play on guitar. I fell in love with the entire soundtrack to The Graduate. And it’s still my favorite movie of all time. 

5. ‘Little Rock’ – Collin Raye (written by Tom Douglas)

Chris Lindsey: I first heard this song right after moving to Nashville. I was obsessed with it and excited that country music could sound like that. Also, Tom will confirm that I stalked him until we became friends.