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Clint Bowyer Finds ‘A Lot of Truth’ in Luke Combs’ Unreleased Song ‘Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old’

(Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

Now enjoying his retirement from racing, NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer says a Luke Combs song hits close to home.

Combs, a country music star with an adoring fan base, recently found himself stuck in Daytona due to a wild weather weekend. The massive winter storm wreaked havoc across the United States and at Daytona Super Speedway.

Combs became “stuck” in Daytona as the weather forced several Daytona 500 attendees to remain in place until it’s safe to travel. Looking to make lemonade out of the lemons he had been given, Combs used the opportunity to share a song. He took to social media on Tuesday with his guitar to play an unreleased song to the delight of his fans. The song “Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old” struck a chord with several listeners, including the recently retired Clint Bowyer.

“Haven’t been able to get home from Daytona yet because of the weather,” the singer says in the post. “So we’re just hanging out and I figured I’d share as new song I’ve been working on.”

Clint Bowyer Relates to New Luke Combs Song

Combs then proceeds to play the song with his guitar for a little over a minute and got quite a reaction. The songs seems to have really hit home emotionally with some as it is something we can all relate too. Bowyer shared his thoughts on Combs’ post on social media, sharing just a few words with the singer.

“Lot of truth in this one,” the former racer says in his post. Bowyer adds a crying emoji to the end of the post to reveal how he feels about the song.

Bowyer wasn’t the only one feeling Combs’ new song either as it took in more than 658,000 views a short time after its posting.

Clint Bowyer, a successful and popular driver, called it a career after a successful, 15-year run in the sport. He announced his retirement via social media on October 8, 2020. Upon his retirement, he already had his next job in line as a racing analyst for Fox Sports. In his lengthy retirement post, he thanks his family and fans for giving him the motivation to pursue his dream.