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Cody Jinks Thanks Fans for First Platinum Record for ‘Loud and Heavy’: ‘This Isn’t Some B.S.’

(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Rock The South)

Country music star Cody Jinks is celebrating a major milestone. It is the very first platinum record he has earned during his career. He earned this accolade thanks to the success of his song, “Loud and Heavy.”

On Wednesday, Sept. 8, the 41-year-old Texas native shared his appreciation to the people who helped make that song such a success – his fans. He did so with a video he posted to his Instagram page.

“Wanted to share this with you guys. I don’t get excited about very many things. Um, but this is super cool. I wanted to share it with you guys, mostly because you guys helped me to do this. And, uh, I very much appreciate it,” Cody Jinks says in the video. “I got my first platinum record.”

Jinks then holds up the platinum record with pride. He then reads from the inscription on his framed record. “Presented to Cody Jinks to commemorate the platinum certification of more than one million copies of the CJ Music single, ‘Loud and Heavy.'”

The significance of achieving platinum status with a record is not lost on Cody Jinks. And, according to what he said during his post, it is more valuable than some awards that are presented in the country music scene.

“So, this means the world,” Jinks also said. “This isn’t some B.S., predetermined ACM or CMA piece of s***. This is real. This is, uh, something that you guys helped us do.”

Cody Jinks Also Thanks His Son for the Success of ‘Loud and Heavy’

While he knows his many fans helped make this platinum record possible, there is another very special person who helped make “Loud and Heavy” a success. This person is the singer’s son.

“But, when I say ‘us,’ this song wouldn’t have come to fruition without, at the time, my little boy who was 2 years old, inspired that song,” Cody Jinks also said. The singer then presented a framed album for his adorable son to view.

“Presented to Larson Jinks to commemorate (the) RIAA platinum certification of more than one million copies sold of Cody Jinks’ hit single ‘Loud and Heavy,'” Larson read.

The proud father then added: “This is your platinum record, dude. Congratulations, man.”

Unsurprisingly, the young Larson was very happy to have received the platinum record and he is all smiles as he holds it up in his famous father’s Instagram video.

“So, from the Jinks boys, thank you all so much. This is incredibly special. And it is a great honor to have you guys listening to our song. So, thank you very much,” Cody Jinks said. Then, the adorable Larson added, “Thank you.”

You can watch Cody Jinks and his young son thank the country music singer’s fans below.