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Cody Johnson Plays Right Through Arena Power Outage

(Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images)

Despite the recent power outage at the Appalachian Wireless Arena, country singer Cody Johnson still played for his fans. Clearly, disappointing them is the last thing he wants to do.

On Saturday night (January 29), Johnson proved that he will never let his fans down at his show in Appalachian Arena in Pikeville, Kentucky.

Unfortunately, a transformer blew outside, which cut the power in the arena and surrounding areas. This happened right before he was supposed to go on stage. But he didn’t let the power outage stop him from performing. Cody Johnson told his fans that he didn’t care what he had to do tonight, and he’s still going to play this show.

In a recent TikTok, Johnson made it clear that the show is still on. In the video, he said, “Thank you for being patient, thank you for being here earlier. They’re gonna get it fixed and there’s no way we’re leaving so stick around.”

Check out the video here:

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Cody Johnson and His Crew Had a Brilliant Idea to Continue the Show

Soon after, Johnson’s crew came up with the brilliant idea of hooking up the microphones to their tour bus with extension chords. Until the power came back on, Johnson’s band rocked out acoustically.

Additionally, a fan at the concert shared a video of Cody Johnson explaining the process his band takes to continue this set via Twitter. In the clip, Johnson said, “What’s powering this PA is we took the power and we plugged it into the bus in the backyard back here.”

Then, he added that they didn’t know this would happen.

“I want you to realize something. When live music happens, it’s something special. This is not what we planned at all, but because of my crew and the Rockin’ CJB and the people of this venue, we are able to pull something off for you tonight.”

You can watch this magnificent acoustic set below. In this video, he is playing his song, Human and you can hear the fans singing along.

The Country Star Collaborates With Ian Munsick In New Song

Earlier this month, Cody Johnson and Ian Munsick collaborated on their new hit song, Long Live Cowgirls. The track was released on January 28, 2022, and is currently number 27 on the iTunes charts.

A recent report said the song is a combination of modern country and western tunes. In the beginning, you’ll hear a fiddle and an acoustic guitar. Then, the stars begin singing lyrics about a cowgirl’s strength and beauty.

You can listen to the song on