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Country Music Star Hunter Hayes Jokes About His Election Night Drinking Game

(Photo by John Parra/Getty Images)

Hunter Hayes is lightening up the mood on Election Night by taking part in his own political drinking game.

Hunter Hayes might look too young to drink. But as a matter of fact, the baby-faced singer is 29-years old. However, his ID still might’ve been checking when he purchased alcohol for his Election Night drinking game.

Hayes isn’t drinking alone. We don’t blame him. He took to Twitter and shared with his 1.4 million followers that he started tipping them back sometime last night. This came in response to TV and radio host, Cody Alan’s original tweet asking if anyone’s started drinking yet.

Hayes said he started the game by taking a drink every time someone mentioned “too close to call.”

However, those rules quickly changed after various reporters mentioned those four words quite often. But Hayes isn’t shutting it down there. He interacts with various fans instead. For example, he responds to fan accounts after they ask him how many drinks he’s consumed.

The country singer has a separate conversation with another fan account after they asked him what he’s drinking. Hayes replied accordingly with “whatever’s left…” referring to the fact that he’s consumed most of the alcohol that’s within his reach.

“currently swinging from a chandelier…”

There have been no recent tweets from Hayes as of Wednesday afternoon. This could very well be due to the fact that he’s recovering from his binge. Maybe Hayes is continuing his game into today. Considering there has been no official announcement regarding the presidential seat, it’s possible.

Hunter Hayes Joins the Likes of Travis Tritt with Election Season Drinking

Country music star Travis Tritt also took to Twitter, just like Hunter Hayes, to share his thoughts on drink before the Vice Presidential debate.

He wrote, “The best drinking game for tonight’s #VicePresidentialDebate might be to get drunk and pass out before it starts.”

Drinking games are based on words or phrases that are said during debates and certain coverage surrounding the election have been trending in recent years. Furthermore, it’s something that those watching the coverage can agree on.