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Blake Shelton Pulls Ruthless Move Against Gwen Stefani on ‘The Voice’

(Photo by: Tyler Golden/NBC via Getty Images)

Not letting a little thing called marriage get in the way of his competitive nature, Blake Shelton pulled a pretty ruthless move against his wife Gwen Stefani on The Voice by stealing one of her team members.

During the latest episode of The Voice on Monday (October 17th), Blake Shelton ended up using his only steal to snag Jay Allen from his wife’s team. The situation unfolded after Jay Allen and Cara Brindisi faced off with a rendition of Stevie Nicks and Don Henley’s Leather and Lace. As the judges picked the winner, Shelton praised Brindisi. 

Following the performance, the judges had a lot to say about both contestants and their musical abilities. “Cara, your voice is just hypnotic,” Blake Shelton gushed. “It’s easy to get wrapped up in what you do, and I did. What’s funny is I feel like Jay has the more Stevie Nicks approach to his vocals, and, man, it sounded good. I think I’d be going with Jay on this as well.”

However, while Stefani ended up picking Brindisi as the champion, she did hit her button at the last moment to save Allen. “Honestly, that was such a hard one for me it was so confusing because I knew I wanted to save Jay,” Stefani said just as Blake Shelton slammed his button as well. 

Blake Shelton Intervenes to Save Allen From Elimination

“I was going to use my steal,” Blake Shelton explained to Allen after hitting his button. “But I was waiting for the perfect moment for a good zinger. I just want to confirm the fact that you’re a great singer.” 

Stefani then chimed in trying to convince Allen to stay on her team. “I wasn’t going to let you go home. I was always going to press my button for me. I’m shaking! I’m so mad.”

Allen ended up switching teams and headed over to Team Blake. Shelton then spoke about the move he made against his wife. “It’s very rare to go up against your wife in a competition, but I am the country guy on this show. The bad news is, we may have to go through some marriage counseling.” 

Stefani went on to add, “Blake is definitely going to pay for that later.”

Blake Shelton previously opened up about what it is like to work with Stefani on The Voice. “The best part about working with my wife is that I never have to be apart from her,” Shelton said. “And she also happens to be one of the least competitive people I know. Being on a competition show with your wife, who is also not competitive, is the greatest situation you can be in.”

Stefani then gushed about being married to Blake Shelton and working with him on the show. “Stepping back on the set of The Voice this time was very surreal,” she explained. “Being married, it brought back so many memories of all the different seasons that we’ve been on The Voice together, all the different phases of our friendship, of our relationship.”