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Carrie Underwood Gets an Extra ‘Special Delivery’ for Her Trophy Case: PHOTO

(Photo by PATRICK T. FALLON/AFP via Getty Images)

Carrie Underwood has something to celebrate, and she gleefully posted about it on Instagram; her Grammy Award finally came in the mail, and she was quick to add it to her shelf with the others.

If you remember from way back in April, Carrie Underwood won the Grammy for Best Roots Gospel Album for her 2021 faith-based project My Savior. Now, she’s finally received her Award; it seems like what the artists pose with after the awards show isn’t their actual award. Who knew?

“Got a special delivery today!” Underwood wrote on Instagram. “I put her with her sisters! This one feels extra sweet…” Underwood has said before that My Savior was a special album for her. After she won her Grammy, she posted on social media, “I love this album [My Savior] so much and I truly believe it is the most important album I have ever made! Thanks to all who supported! I am eternally grateful! Glory to God!”

In an NPR interview back in March 2021, she also discussed the inspiration behind the album. “These were just songs I grew up singing,” she explained. “I went to a very small Baptist church in my hometown of Checotah, Oklahoma. We would file in and sit in the pews. They’d say, ‘Open your hymnals to page…’ or whatever. And off we went.”

She also shared how she knew what songs to pick for the album. “When we started out making our list, it was a very long list of songs to sing,” she said. “And I knew I had my pillars. I wanted to record ‘How Great Thou Art’ and ‘Softly and Tenderly.’ Because those are songs I’ve been singing over the years in live situations.”

Carrie Underwood Explains Why ‘Ghost Story’ is Different From Other Revenge Songs

Recently, Carrie Underwood spoke on CMT’s “Hit Story” series and discussed the inspiration behind “Ghost Story,” the biggest hit from her new album Denim & Rhinestones.

“I feel like ‘Ghost Story’ is different from kind of revenge-type songs,” she explained. “My character has just moved on. There is no revenge in a physical way. You’re not going back and destroying anybody’s property. You’re not doing anything like that. You’ve moved on and that’s kind of the best revenge. Moving on with your life and letting go and seeing what else is out there that might be even better. The other person just can’t do that.”

I feel like there’s this urge to compare “Ghost Story” with her other big revenge song, “Before He Cheats.” But, as Underwood implies, they’re not really that similar. “Ghost Story” is a clean break for one of the characters, but not so much for the other. There’s no revenge, there’s just moving on. And I think there’s something interesting and beautiful in that fact.